Zurdox ranked among the best full dye custom uniform companies in the United States

February 14 01:00 2020
Zurdox ranked among the best full dye custom uniform companies in the United States

Innovative custom sports apparel company, Zurdox, ranked by experts in the industry as one of the best full dye custom uniform companies in United States

There is no doubt that the sports industry has evolved over the years, with sports apparel companies providing teams and fans with premium quality uniforms and accessories. In recent times, different makers of sports products have emerged and a sports fanatic and coach recently made his pick of top full dye custom uniform companies based on the quality of their products.

“The coolest uniforms are in full dye sublimation.” With an illustrious career that includes working with more than 30 different companies, the sports enthusiast draws up a list of the top full dye custom uniform companies in the US in no particular order.


Boombah makes the list as one of the biggest companies in the land. The company has been around for many years, with a great reputation and a collection of fantastic products. Under the leadership of Rick Tollefson, the CEO, the company has been on the right track, taking Boombah to the big leagues.

One of the unique features of the company is their range of stock products, with something for everyone, including softball players. In addition to having cool pants and jersey, the company also offers some of the coolest backpacks in the market and definitely their cleats and turfs shoes are with no doubt the coolest. They also have their own production factories, which is a big plus for Boombah.


The brand would easily rank as the #1 for custom team uniforms, with some of the best designs and highest quality in the market. Another advantage Zurdox has over other brands is Pedro Treto’s obsession with quality. The CEO’s passion has translated into out-of-this-world designs, transforming the company into a multimillion-dollar sports brand in just a few years.  Zurdox has more than 15 in-house designers, with their production factories.

The company currently does only team sales and rumor has it that they are about to launch their new line of custom cleats and turf shoes to match uniforms. They will also launch a singlest online sales website.

Rover Plus Nine

The third pick is Rover Plus Nine, a sports company that has been around since the 90’s. The Texas-based Rover Plus Nine focuses on softball and baseball, with a good reputation for quality products. The only shortcoming for the brand will be their creative area, with many of their designs seemingly similar.

Mojo USA

Mojo is a very cool company too; they do have some great and cool designs. The founder, Mark Witte, has done an excellent job with this company, with a second to none reputation and awesome quality products. However, the company has a 7-day turnaround time for custom art with no revisions, which is somewhat long compared to others in the industry.

While there are other good full dye custom uniform companies in the United States, the 4 brands listed above are reliable and would cause no nightmares to clients.

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