US Land Grid Saves Construction Company Thousands of Dollars in Cost and Hundreds of Manhours With Their Intelligent and Smart Land Grid Data

February 26 19:46 2020
US Land Grid is the foremost GIS Data and information service provider in the United States. With dynamic GIS data across over 33 states of the US, and with their highly dynamic and intelligent GIS data database, they have become the go-to company for data services.

This is proven through a recent revelation that was made of a construction company, which was able to save thousands of dollars in data cost and hundreds of manhours through the service of the company. The way the company presents land grid data to its clients is one of the friendliest in the industry. Other companies can also look forward to saving thousands of dollars on project costs and hundreds of manhours also.

US Land Grid is an innovative GIS Data service provider in the United States founded by Anthony Ford, a professional and veteran businessman. Mr. Ford has integrated his professional experience and his business acumen to forge the most reliable and the most usable GIS data service in the country. They have specialized competence in providing GIS data in the most dynamic and intelligent forms for their clients to save cost and time. This is evident in the savings their clients have made over the years using their services. A construction company using their texas survey has successfully achieved a tight project deadline, saved on cost, and reduced manhour investment drastically using their data service. This is a huge opportunity for other companies in the construction business to do the same.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Anthony Ford, in an interview with a popular construction magazine affirmed the uniqueness of their services and how they have tailored their data service to the way construction companies like to use data. He said, “We don’t just have the most detailed, the most reliable and the most accurate GIS data in the United States, we also make sure to extend our services to make these data available to our clients in a way that is easy for them to manipulate. We have the best section township range available.”

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Mr. Anthony Ford, in the interview, spoke of the dynamic and intelligent nature of their GIS data service and how the innovation they have brought in had helped their clients save significantly during their projects when he said, “With our land grid data, clients have been able to save thousands of dollars per project. This is because what we provide is different from what obtains in the industry in general. We have invested years of experience in getting the section township range we provide, and we take measures to update our data based on leading industry data models. We also ensure that the data is smart and can easily be manipulated to serve the intent of our clients.”

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