Certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor uses Acrobatic Dance to teach life skills

March 03 22:02 2020
Founder of The Dynasty Institute LLC, Lonnie Grant, transform lives through the art of Acrobatic dance through her program

Certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor and founder of The Dynasty Institute LLC has continued in her pursuit of inspiring children by teaching them dance, with love and passion in a peaceful and serene environment with her unique dance program. Otherwise known as “The Queen Of Acro,” Lonnie Grant has proven to the world that African American girls train in Acrobatic Dance and the dance genre can be used as a tool to build self-confidence, promoting creativity and achieving self-expression.

Dance, like many other forms of art, has been described as a way of expressing oneself. Acro dance is one of the genres of dance that has increased in popularity in recent times, witnessing a series of evolution to date. Defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context is not very popular with African American. However, this narrative seems to have been given a twist with the likes of Lonnie Grant showing the universality of the dance genre and African American girls can harness the skills for inner transformation.

Lonnie launched the Dynasty Institute Training Method™ to teach the whole dancer, from the inside out, ensuring that they gain valuable life skills, in addition to receiving the best acro dance training possible. The highly sought-after Certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor aims to provide her students with an inner transformation that will last a lifetime as she teaches discipline, integrity, teamwork, confidence, respect, and humility in a subtle yet effective way.

Lonnie has received accolades from different quarters for her award-winning acro dance choreography, featuring at some of the top dance competitions in the U.S. Her diverse background that includes training in ballet, hip hop, jazz, cheerleading, tumbling, African dance, and contortion has made Lonnie the ideal instructor for comprehensive dance tutelage.

For more information about Ms. Lonnie, the Dynasty Institute Training Method™, and her projects at The Dynasty Institute LLC, please visit – https://www.thedynastyinstitute.com/ and YouTube.

About The Dynasty Institute LLC

The Dynasty Institute LLC was founded by Lonnie Grant, a Certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor, to offer the best possible Acrobatics Dance instruction in the area. Ms. Lonnie and her team of qualified instructors provide a dynamic, creative, and most importantly SAFE environment for students, providing them with an inner transformation that will last a lifetime.

Among Miss Lonnie’s hundreds of dance students, many have gone on to dance with renowned dance companies including; The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, The Dance Institute of Washington, and The Debbie Allen Dance Company.

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