Origination of COVID-19, the Super Virus Sweeping the World, May Be Found

March 03 22:06 2020

In the spring of 2020, a sudden bout of pneumonia swept the world. The virus broke out in Asia, Oceania, America, and Europe. Supplies such as masks, protective suits, disinfectants, and ammunition are in short supply around the world, and the virus and panic continue to simmer.

According to the news, the infection was first reported in China in December 2019. With the deepening of scientific research and more in-depth reports by the media, we are getting closer and closer to the truth through the analysis of virus traceability and past news. Indian media have stated that the superbug is made up of HIV genes and is suspected of being an artificial virus. No.0 patient (the first infected person in this region) in Japan, Singapore, the United States, and Italy had no history of travel to China. China began to restrict travel from the end of January, and until mid-February, there was no outbreak in the world. On February 20th, however, an American media with a religious background announced that “through its medical experiments, it has been found that practicing Falun Gong can kill this “super virus” (COVID-19)”.

By analyzing more news related to the agency, it can be found that the agency sets a research center in Deerpark, New York, which purchased large quantities of antiviral materials in mid-January 2019. From December 2019 to the present, Shen Yun, which is associated with the organization, is still performing worldwide. An earlier look at the news shows that the agency, located in Deerpark, Orange County, New York, was once boycotted and prosecuted by local residents during construction, and all this was ultimately mysterious.

If it is similar to the plot in the Korean movie “Deranged (2012)”, the agency has a virus laboratory in Deerpark that studies viruses and antiviral drugs and utilizes Falun Gong for tax relief and recruitment. Propagation experiments began in 2019 with the group’s world tour. In December, the virus mutated out of control. But after continued research by the institute, on February 20th, a specific approach to the new virus was successfully developed. On the one hand, it spread the virus through the performing group. On the other hand, it preached in the name of fighting the virus by practicing Falun Gong, thus earning money wantonly.

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