US Navy Veteran teaches patience in her new children’s book titled “Not So Green”

March 11 10:42 2020
Talented poet, writer, and US Navy Veteran, P. Monae Hughley, set to release her latest book titled “Not So Green,” where she teaches readers how to deal with real-life issues

“Not So Green” is a new children’s beginner reader book by the author, P. Monae Hughley about a modern-day princess and her friend. Illustrated by her daughter, Wisdom S. Carr., the book offers readers a captivating piece that talks about the exploits of a girl as she tries to express herself despite facing obstacles from her environment.

Children’s books come in different forms with several writers and other such stakeholders contributing their quota to teach children different life lessons in a subtle and fun way. These books are authored to help children learn different lessons of life while also keeping them entertained. Such books usually contain fun and interesting texts and captivating drawings that will capture the attention of readers – adults and children. However, many such books seem to have digressed a bit from the true essence of children’s books with many of them not offering the kind of content that will drive home some message for readers. This is where P. Monae Hughley seems to have taken a giant stride to change this narrative with her debut book – “Not So Green.”

The book chronicles the roller-coaster adventure of Jewel, living in an environment that does not give her the liberty to become her true self. “Not So Green” also narrates how the princess developed uncontrollable temper tantrums. The book also comes with a twist, with Jewel discovering her relationship with a boy and both individuals experiencing a quick, sudden turnaround in their lives due to their similarities.

Published by iWriteBooks Publishing, the scintillating book offers a unique combination of entertainment and education in one piece, with the illustration by Wisdom making it even easier for children to relate with.

“Not So Green” is currently available for pre-order now on Amazon. The book will be released to all retailers from April 19, 2020.

About P. Monae Hughley

P. Monae Hughley started writing for therapy before her creative writing ability became evident. Her talent was almost immediately noticed, becoming a highly sought-after writer for narrative poetry and short stories, which kicked off her career as a motivational speaker. Her first book, “Not So Green,” was written after surviving an auto crash and served as her inspiration to become a professional writer.

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