The Best You: How to Conquer Adversity by Alexander Wagner

March 11 11:12 2020

This new book is about understanding that you have the power to define your experiences — past and present. This terrific book states you aren’t bound by haphazard beliefs that have been set down subconsciously over the years. You’re not doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. This knowledge can transform your life and help you break the mental bonds that have kept you from achieving your full potential.

Written by a young man, Alexander Wagner, who broke down the walls of a serious illness that tried to enclose him, this book reads far beyond his years. It’s one that will surprise you, entertain you and teach you how to overcome the obstacles in your life.

Alexander has overcome severe, ulcerative colitis and thrived instead of becoming disabled. He has also gone on to win several gold medals from international karate competitions, is one of the top 10 academics in his school and has won multiple athletic and scholarly awards.

As you take this journey with him, you’ll learn how to succeed despite adversity, face your challenges and counter your worst enemy: yourself. Along the way, there will be many tools and nuggets of knowledge offered to you. If you take them up, if you accept Alexander Wagner’s challenge to overcome adversity and redefine yourself, then you’ll begin living purposefully and will be in an excellent position to achieve dreams heretofore unimagined.

The Best You: How to Conquer Adversity is a testament to a spirit that’s strong, creative and willing to share. Alexander deals with many of life’s problems and offers up solutions that will sometimes surprise you. He talks about personal challenges and charity — the greatest of attributes — as well as goal setting, building good habits and defining yourself.

Alexander’s an active, high-achieving student who loves challenges and pushing himself. When he isn’t hunched over his textbooks, he can usually be found playing sports with his friends or family. Pitcher by day, d4 player by night, his favourite hobbies include baseball, chess and Karate, which has slowly become a passion of his.

Alexander Wagner has an intense love of music, and he enjoys playing video games to wind down, his favourite of which are Ninja Gaiden and the Dark Souls series. Most importantly, however, Alexander loves spending time with his family. This includes skiing and playing tennis, cards and Mahjong. Overall, Alexander loves many things and tries to enjoy all that he can in life, which is the philosophy behind this book.

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