Corporate Crime Rates in Society Today Do Demand Good Corporate Security Measures

April 20 09:40 2020

There is no doubt about it, the violent crime rates in Canadian society are diminishing but still alarming.  Corporate crime rates however are increasing.  This is in part because of the advantages given to criminals by the technology available now.  Mobile phones make communications and plans to commit crimes easier than ever before and all corporate entities are becoming aware of this and taking measures to prevent crimes from without the corporation and within the corporation. While most individuals are aware of crimes that include breaking and entering, as well as robbery, a great deal of corporate crime happens on the “inside” of a corporation and is known as “white collar crime”. Terrorism has also taken its toll on society and increased the need for services from good corporate security companies like Northern Force Security.

A good corporate security company can prevent huge losses by a business each year

Advances in technology with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring and other types of monitoring devices have helped security companies deter and keep up with the theft that might otherwise occur within a business.  Consultation with a good corporate security company usually begins with a risk assessment which involves going over the premises looking for any security issues either outside or inside the premises which may pose a threat eventually.  Depending upon the business itself, armed guards, or even unarmed patrol guards may be suggested, as well as a series of monitoring devices installed within and without the premises.

Location of a premises and type of business also can dictate what type of surveillance is most needed. 

Businesses located in high crime areas will need more types of outside surveillance, while banks and other types of businesses that handle large volumes of monies will need both good outside surveillance and inside surveillance to prevent employee theft or mishandling of monies or personal info of clients.  There really is no “one size fits all” type of surveillance and only a good corporate security company has the knowledge and skills to determine which types of security are most needed. 

Prevention is always the key to any type of successful security and surveillance.

Issues should be prevented if possible and business owners would do well to seek the services of a good corporate security company.  While it is possible for businesses to provide their own security and surveillance, it is generally not as successful or preventive as when it is done by a corporate security company with a solid reputation.  There is skill and training involved and the more skill and training, the better the results in preventing corporate and other crimes from occurring either outside or inside a business setting.  Every business can benefit from these types of services and should seek a consultant and /or specialist whenever considering any type of security or surveillance. 

About Northern Force Security

Northern Force Security in Toronto, ON is a firm that specializes in all types of security from corporate security, to home security.  Concierge services, VIP services, mobile patrols, risk assessments, and training programs are available at this company.  Free consultations are offered with a form for immediate response on the website, as well as an email number, several phone numbers, and even a fax number available for contact.  This firm is founded by military professionals and highly knowledgeable.  A blog exists to educate businesses and the public. 

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