Yung PT, a talented rapper, releases a new song named “Darkko” to help people get through the global pandemic

June 03 13:09 2020
Darkko, by Yung PT, sets off to be the next big hit!

Dallas, Texas, USA – The song Darkko by Yung PT – “The Phoenix”, is a new rap hip hop music single, which is being streamed heavily during this time of the global pandemic. The listeners instantly like the song when they hear it and can’t stop to admire the artist. This rap, hip hop, upbeat song sets the mood to enjoy life while being in the lockdown due to the pandemic. The song makes the listeners forget the worries and hardships of life and lets them enjoy and appreciate the merry time they have. Yung PT’s music is also a source of inspiration for many young rappers who have just gotten involved with the music industry, his music encourages them to make their own songs and believe in themselves.

The song, Darkko is written by Yung PT, a rapper who has been talented since his childhood. The rapper is from Texas, raised in California. Just like Texas is known to combine different styles, Yung PT, as being from Texas, also combines different styles in his music, like he would combine rap with R&B to create diverse kinds of music. His music styles are very upbeat and change the mood instantly from being gloomy to happy.

Darkko has been produced by the record label Conscious Musik, which is a new label working tirelessly to give to the world some new talents and better music since the industry has been watered down. Yung PT has been signed with Conscious Musik for a long time and both of these parties want to release some new music, and they have in the form of Darkko, which is proof of their improving partnership.

Yung PT was born in the family of singers and artists, his parents can also sing and rap, so it was natural for him to go into the music industry, producing the next big songs. He taught himself to rap and started singing at a very early age when he produced his first-ever song. Before rap, he taught himself to make beats on a PlayStation. His first song titled “Exotic” was a hit to be streamed all over the radio stations.

His new song Darkko is especially being played during the quarantine, which is a time of despair for all of humanity, that’s because the song lightens the mood around people. Listeners really like the song and it has been streamed over half a million times. He wants to inspire the young generation with his music and songs. He wants others to share their talents to the world and embrace what they want to be. His music is a great source of inspiration for many people around the world that shows how genuinely good a singer he actually is and the talents that he possesses.

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