Webinar Recording Now Available: ConvertibleCAR-T, A Highly Adaptable CAR-T Platform to Fight HIV

June 08 18:05 2020
On the live webinar of June 4th, Creative Biolabs has invited Dr. Eytan Herzig to introduce his research about ConvertibleCAR-T, a highly adaptable CAR-T platform to fight HIV and the webinar recording is now available to the public.

New York, USA – June 8, 2020 – HIV continues to be a major global public health issue, having claimed more than 32 million lives so far. However, the increasing access to effective HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment has made it less threatening. Recently, convertibleCAR-T cell has been a hot issue for its great power to kill HIV-infected cells.

On October 31th, 2019, a paper titled Attacking Latent HIV with convertibleCAR-T Cells, a Highly Adaptable Killing Platform was published on Cell, introducing a universal CAR-T cell platform based on cytotoxic T-lymphocytes engineered to bind a variety of broadly neutralizing anti-HIV antibodies, which effectively kills HIV-infected, but not uninfected, CD4 T cells from blood, tonsil, or spleen and only when armed with anti-HIV antibodies.

As the first author of this paper, Dr. Eytan Herzig was invited by Creative Biolabs, a famous institute and experienced supplier in CAR-T therapy development, to share his profound insights on the principles and opportunities of innovative convertibleCAR-T platform in HIV cure in a webinar held on June 4th.

The subject of this webinar is “ConvertibleCAR-T, a highly adaptable CAR-T platform to fight HIV“. During the webinar, Dr. Eytan Herzig gave an overview of this promising tool for attacking the latent HIV reservoir, ConvertibleCAR-T, covering the following updates:

• Introduction to HIV and the latent reservoir
• Approaches to HIV functional cure
• A new CAR-T platform: convertibleCAR-T
• Can convertibleCAR-T kill HIV-infected cells?
• Advantages and practical issues
• Summary of the research and the platform

Creative Biolabs and Dr. Eytan Herzig would like to give thanks to all the attendees for joining the webinar to explore this new technology. For those who missed out, the webinar recording is now available for the public to learn more details of this platform.

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