Plucker LLC Launched the First Black-Owned Food Delivery and Grocery Service in New York and California

June 08 18:39 2020
Plucker LLC Launched the First Black-Owned Food Delivery and Grocery Service in New York and California
Plucker is the first-ever black-owned food delivery and grocery service launched in the market.

Plucker LLC is pleased to announce the launch of their first-ever black-owned delivery and grocery service app, plucker. Founder and creator Stevenson Michael Joseph decided to create a platform that will connect the daily customer to their favorite restaurant with a simple yet practical app.

With the advent of mobile devices and smartphones, it’s simpler for customers to order their food on the go. Whether run by third-party delivery services or the restaurants themselves, food delivery apps are transforming the entire foodservice experience for both customers and providers. A new food app from Plucker LLC is boosting both sides of the foodservice equation through smoother transactions, convenience, and more precise delivery details.

The food ordering app solution makes the ordering of a person’s favorite meal from their favorite restaurant or café anywhere in New York and California without the need to visit them. Pluckerapp enables hassle-free login and signup feature for the customers, restaurant owners, and riders. The app serves features to handle menu and order for the restaurant owners as well as special offers and table reservations, discounts, and coupons for the customers.

Users can easily choose the food they want with just a few taps. With the app’s simple food filter, users can find the dish they need with a single tap. Pluckeralso enable adding or removing of the ingredients for their food while monitoring the change of order amount. Users can also top up their choice with sauces, pick a dessert and drink.

The app provides convenient checkout through a flexible and secure payment gateway through wallets, cards, or cash on delivery.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of my food delivery app. Plucker app facilities lightning fast food delivery of the ordered meal to its customers reliably and effectively,” said Stevenson Michael Joseph. “The real-time status update could be visible through GPS for the customers for their meal – from preparing to parcel to delivery.”

The pluckerapp serves customers by letting them order seven days a week, round the clock, as long as the cafes and restaurants are operational. The food delivery app presents a combination of excellent restaurants, advanced technology, and practical ordering and delivery network.

Interested foodies lovers can now download the pluckerapp at the Google Play Store and the App Store.

About Plucker LLC

Plucker LLC is a company owned and managed by Stevenson Michael Joseph. The company launches its first-ever black-owned food delivery and grocery service that allows users to order foods right at the comfort of their home and be delivered right at their doorstep.

To learn more about Plucker LLC, call Stevenson Michael Joseph at 929 332 1315 or send him an email at [email protected]

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