Celebrating 50 years of Innovative On-Site Services by Destec

June 08 20:04 2020

Destec Engineering was established in 1969, and it has remained a Private Limited Company ever since. For over 50 years of trading, the company has developed both products and services to industry, particularly where design and supply is concerned, with ‘High-Pressure Containment’ and ‘On-Site Machining’ being the specialist lines.

Ever since its foundation, Destec has been committed to the design and manufacture of portable machine tools, partly for installation and servicing of company products, and also as a general On-Site Machining Service. Destec now has a versatile and very wide range of in-house designed and manufactured portable machine tools that can undertake most machine shop operations on-site, globally.

Destec Engineering Ltd. vouches to transfigure the Oil, Gas and Power industry by their multi-variated range of on-site machinery. These equipment have been well equipped to take on problems where accuracy and a good surface finish are paramount. By using multi-disciplined trained technicians, the client benefits by having fewer personnel on-site; thus reducing expenditure on manpower and allied costs.

Their On-site services manifold to various categories, with Regenerator and vessel head removal being one of the most used services, globally. Most of the machines and equipment used have been designed and manufactured by Destec Engineering Ltd. Maximum versatility and adaptability combined with accuracy and a good surface finish ensure most In-Situ operations can be handled effectively and quickly.

Destec Engineering has carried out hundreds of conventional and unusual machining contracts on vessel and heat exchanger closures, pipework flanges, nozzles, valve seats, offshore wind turbines etc, incorporating all types of profiles, such as spigots, recesses, tapers, grooves ranging from a fine to a gramophone surface finish.

Destek’s inspection services for on-site machinery includes NDT, which is Non-Destructive Testing. It is a method to detect that material is free from cracks, stress fractures and other types of defects. Destec uses three types of non-destructive testing comprising of magnetic particles, liquid penetrant and ultrasonic testing. Destec can use all methods in most cases anywhere. Also, Destec has a dedicated in-house NDT area.

There are a few competitors to Destec, that sell similar products. However, they don’t subcontract out their manufacturing process. Destec ensures proper control of this process right from its commencement, in order to maintain high standards. They offer unparalleled onsite machining services, which out standards any other onsite machining company around the globe.

Destec’s onsite team is there for machining their products offshore to maximize the production of the platforms but they also machine API, ANSI, NORSOK, and other types of flanges.

Right since the inception of their initial on-site machining service in 1989, Destec has added other associated on-site services, bolt tensioning, on-line leak sealing, polymer coating and repairs, and welding amongst others. Over the last 50 years, they have successfully developed a niche for themselves in the industry, and their magnanimous range of on-site machining services, rival all existing Service Provider and Manufacturing companies!

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