Sacred Wisdom – Tamara Knox’s Newly Released Book Helps Readers Find Their Gateway to Divine Energy

June 11 14:03 2020

Tucson, Arizona, USA – June 11, 2020 – Renowned author and devoted enthusiast in Theocentric Psychology, Tamara Knox has now released her latest motivational book, Highest Love: In Sacred Unity with Autoimmunity. This riveting new book offers a deep look into autoimmunity and the world of Divinity and sacred energies that one can utilize in order to tap into new possibilities. It gives readers the tools to harness support from the higher realms and create a unique energetic blueprint that initiates and sustains health, happiness and success. By waking up to the book’s teachings, readers can tap into their limitless potential.

Highest Love is a comprehensive book that introduces even the most spiritual novices to advanced concepts such as spiritual geometry, breath and sound energies and much more. The author shares her totems and her personal anecdotes of spiritual experiences where she was able to escape linear reality and enter an ethereal realm of enhanced consciousness. This new book nudges readers to become open and receptive in starting a conversation with their own innate Spirit. Giving readers the tools to tap into the spiritual realm, the book equips them with the knowledge to align their thoughts and beliefs with their dreams, thus developing a new reality full of utmost prosperity and love. The author describes ‘Highest Love’ as a new kind of love that puts healing and self-love before anything else, thus inviting completion and wholeness into one’s life.

Tamara (Tamee) Knox, Ph.D, PsyThd., has been proactively mastering several modes of spiritual communication for more than 15 years. Believing in sound and vibrations as key forces of the universe, she leverages these forces to communicate with her spiritual guides and guardian angels who have not only improved her mental health, but also her physical wellbeing. In this book, Tamara introduces readers to three of her spirit guides: ‘TwinFlame‘, who helped Tamara heal from within and find love in each moment, ‘Mama B‘, her spiritual mother and ‘AN‘, her daily spirit guide who helps her navigate life’s discrepancies and challenges. This divine communication has helped Tamara find solutions to many of life’s unanswered questions and she now wants to help her readers find the same connection.

With an aim to wake people up to a multi-dimensional reality, Tamara helps them find their light and revel in the relationship that brings them closer not only to Spirit, but also to their own instinctive selves. With her literary endeavors, she aims to reach a large demographic of readers and awaken new spiritual facilitators across the world.

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