Once Upon A Bite Season 2 broadcasted globally celebrates food around the world

June 11 14:20 2020

Talking about foodporn, what comes to the top of your mind? Recently, audiences of Once Upon A Bite series have a new addition to their list.

When watching the second season, you will find yourself navigating through honey hunters climbing cliffs in Nepal, best salami maker tendering his sausages in Italy, and Chinese pastry chef making puffy pancakes that have more than sixty layers just with a rolling pin.

Produced by Tencent Video and co-produced by DOClabs Beijing (http://doclabs.com.cn/en/) and Tencent Penguin Pictures, the food exploration documentary Once Upon a Bite Season 2 is being broadcast worldwide. This documentary has earned a high rating of 9.3 on Douban, the Chinese equivalent of IMDB. Audiences  reported that “watching it while eating even makes a daily meal more delicious”. Led by chief director Chen Xiaoqing and Li Yong, producers Zhu Lexian and Zhang Ping, China’s DOClabs Beijing has been working on it for a year and a half. Once Upon a Bite Season 2 has searched five continents, 25 countries and regions in the world, filmed over 300 kinds of food, and explored the intimate connections between delicacy and people through eight different themes.

The broadcast of Once Upon a Bite Season 2 has not only attracted domestic attention, but also received interactive support from embassies and tourism bureaus of 10 countries including Italy, France, Germany and Japan. The German National Tourism Administration beer, sauerkraut and Münchner Weißwurst after the program was broadcast. The Japanese embassy’s official weibo account (the Chinese twitter) also shared the unique flavor of the Yakitori video clips. Norwegian King crab, French Béchamel Sauce, Salted Egg Yolk from USA, Italian Zampone and other delicacies have offered the audience a feast from all over the world.

The king crab, which lives in the depths of the Barents Sea, is large in size and blessed with delicious meat.  King crab tastes great both raw and roasted, but it takes a lot of effort to get this taste. The  crew followed the captain with 20 years of fishing experience and braved the storm to go out to the sea to finish the extremely difficult shooting on the bumpy ship. Director Li Yong said that the temperature was as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. If  anyone accidentally fell into the sea, the survival time would be only 2 minutes or so. Although the process was full of dangers, the harvest made all efforts worthwhile.

The diversity of United States is like a “melting pot” that blends the cultures of East and West.  The food also shows the characteristics of inclusiveness and diversity. Salted egg yolk is a cooking method from the East. It is not only easy to preserve, but also gives egg yolk a taste similar to cheese. In an ice cream shop in the corner of Los Angeles, a girl with a quarter of Chinese ancestry thought of mixing ground salted egg yolk with ice cream that Americans love to eat, so that sweet and salty can be mixed to create amazement.

In addition to recording the innovation and integration of delicious food, Once Upon a Bite Season 2 has also added new filming techniques such as  using micro-lens and microscopes. By filming subtle changes in food like the fermentation of salami, the crew wants to find a visual angle that is difficult for human eyes to see.

In the opinion of chief director Chen Xiaoqing, food is the best messenger across cultures. In all kinds of lifestyles, the love for food is always the same. 

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