Here Comes Five Best Starter Builds Guide For Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium

June 11 12:56 2020
Here Comes Five Best Starter Builds Guide For Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium

Best Builds for Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Starter
Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium has been successfully released, and this chapter has many builds that need to finish, some of them are quite easy while some are quite difficult, if you choose the difficult ones, well, you will be in big trouble. That’s why we are here to help you guys sort out five best starter builds for you to complete. Complete these easy builds and you will award massive rewards, include PoE currency. Interested? Keep reading.

Since the Path of Exile: Delirium League has been released successfully, now this is the perfect time to share with you some good starter builds. If you are a new player, then you should notice that this is quite important cause it can make the difference between enjoying the game or giving up in frustration. Moreover, if you are already a veteran, then you likely understand that a nice start can set the stage for success for the rest of the league. Select this carefully and you will have a huge advantage than others, as well as much more PoE Delirium currency to bankroll other characters you will want to play.

The good news is, all the five builds that I will list below have been tested by many Path of Exile players. All these builds worked great as starter builds for a number of leagues now and they are also proven to be reliable for new players and veterans alike.

Build – # 1: Glacial Cascade Totem Hierophant (Templar) 

Build Pros

Build Cons

Any map mod. Any boss.

Totem build, some players don’t like the playstyle

Excellent league starter

Insane single target/AoE damage

This build uses Mind over Matter

Very cheap to start with

Very safe due to being a totem build

Introduction And Build Description of Glacial Cascade Totem Hierophant

This is a very safe and strong totem build to begin in the brand new league. Build, in fact, simply works with anything you pick up from the ground and is extremely safe due to being totem build + you start slowing and freezing bunch of staff all around you which is another layer of defense. Boss fights are much easier than before, put totems and then run around while looking at how boss HP melts away.

Build – #2: Toxic Rain/Caustic Arrow Tanky Shadow (Trickster) 

Build Pros

Build Cons

Can do pretty much every map mod

Need to swap between CA/TR

Cheap to start with

Fast clear speed

SSF viable


Introduction And Build Description of
Toxic Rain/Caustic Arrow Tanky Shadow (Trickster)

We all agree that great build to begin in a fresh economy or explore SSF since every part of the gear can be crafted and we do not depend on any specific uniques for the build to work in Path of Exile. If you have never tried a poison-based bow build before, then this build would carry you from leveling into the endgame with ease.

Build – #3: Magma Orb Ranger (Deadeye) 

Build Pros

Build Cons

Can attack Metamorphs off-screen

Elemental reflect is deadly for the build

Exceptional clear speed in maps

Has more than 6500 life due to Kaom’s Heart

Has spell leech from Gloomfang and Glorious Vanity

Introduction And Build Description of Magma Orb Ranger (Deadeye) 

In fact, we think Magma Orb might not be the most popular skill in PoE, however, that’s why this build is so awesome as a league starter.  It can be played on a budget, has exceptional clear speed and also can do high-level content such as Awakener with a few Path of Exalted Orb invested in your gear. This build utilizes Divine Flesh Keystone and stacks chaos resistance making it much tankier than just your average spellcaster.

Build – #4: Skeleton + Zombie Summoner Witch (Necromancer) 

Build Pros

Build Cons

Great as a league starter because it doesn’t require tons of expensive stuff to get started

Resistances can be tricky to cap because build uses a lot of uniques

Safe – can be played in hardcore or to level 100 in softcore

The Baron helmet will probably cost quite a bit at the beginning of the league (it is required later on, not right off the bat though)

Tanky – can get to 10k effective life without huge currency investment

Introduction And Build Description of Skeleton + Zombie Summoner Witch (Necromancer)

Minions builds are in a quite great place and in fact, they are usually great as starter builds. This strength stacking Zombie + Skeleton build is not an exception at all. It is a really solid one to play to level 100 if that’s something that you would like to do.

Build – #5: Summon Raging Spirit Summoner Witch (Necromancer) 

Build Pros

Build Cons

Cheap to start, excellent as a league starter


Excellent boss killer – can go to over 10Million Shaper DPS

Reflect is not a problem

Tanky – more than 7000 effective hp

Introduction And Build Description of Summon Raging Spirit Summoner Witch (Necromancer) 

With Necromancer getting buffed in 3.8 update and minion skills reworked, this build is in a very strong position right now. Minion builds are known to be excellent league beginners and this one also, is not an exception.

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