Two Female Entrepreneurs Share Tips on How to Use Social Media to Build an Empire

June 11 14:43 2020
Shye and Aishah are two women entrepreneurs who were able to master social media to make money and build an empire.

Shye and Aishah, co-founders and CEOs of Elite Tier Academy are the two amazing women entrepreneurs who learned how to utilize social media to build an empire. The two are experts on using social media to make money. They do not allow social media to consume them, but rather, they were able to master social media monetization. Shye and Aishah are the best experts people depend on when it comes to making money through social media.

A website is attractive in its functional design. A business might have a stable list of customers who have signed for email alerts from the business. One’s marketing efforts are set and ready to grow. Unluckily, if a business is hopping out on social media, they are enclosing off a segment of clients and consumers who spend most of their time on social media. Social media is the best way to go for people who wish to establish their small business into an income-producing empire, which can reach the public and feed them with enticing information.

This is where the team of Elite Tier Academy comes in. Shye and Aishah are business partners who both had their online agencies before meeting and eventually decided to unite. Not only did they create a 360 Social Media Marketing agency, but they also launched an online academy that shows other aspiring female entrepreneurs how to use social media to build a business as well.

“As business coaches, we teach the branding and marketing blueprint businesses to use to generate sales online or attract in-person clients or leads,” said Shye. “Throughout the years, we have mastered the process of securing the bag each day, all while we teach our audience how to do the same.”

Shye and Aishah’s expertise lies in teaching and supporting business owners on how to serve value on a silver platter and collect that daily payout along with repeat payment notifications.

Interested individuals who wish to explore how to package their business, get paid, and get their mind in a place to get the blessings set aside for them can visit Elite Tier Academy’s official Instagram page or website to get a free webinar.

About Elite Tier Academy

Elite Tier Academy is founded by two women entrepreneurs Shye and Aishah. The academy aims to teach everything an individual need to know to build their empire through social media.

To learn more about Elite Tier Academy, send an email at [email protected]. Visit their official website today at to secure a spot in their free webinar class. Follow them on their official Instagram account at @EliteTierAcademy.

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