Tim Storrs, the founder of a new genre in the literary world is all set to release another interesting book titled ‘Contemporary Pulp: PULPAGANDA’

June 11 19:58 2020
Tim Storrs, the founder of a new genre in the literary world is all set to release another interesting book titled ‘Contemporary Pulp: PULPAGANDA’
Tim Storrs is being highly lauded by his readers in the USA and Japan for his unique writing style and customized merchandizes that complement his stories and poetries!

New York, USA – Tim Storrs is an independent author and the owner of CREATIVE 1 Publishing LLC. He has initiated a new genre in pulp fiction by publishing his original unedited pieces of stories, poetries, and artwork. Recently, he has announced the publication of his new book ‘Contemporary Pulp’ which will be available worldwide from June 19th, 2020. The book is an attempt to showcase the contemporary events in a contemporary literary style.

Tim Storrs has kept his art free from narrow classifications assigned by the traditional literary world. He believes that the unedited writings signify something deeper and more important than usual formatted and edited writings. The STORRS LITERARY MIXTAPE series is a collection of the author’s unabridged, raw, and completely unedited writings. While talking about his unique style, Storrs said: “I grew up in hip hop culture so my approach to the publishing game and marketing is like hip hop. We live in a very impatient fast time… information and entertainment-wise. People can have so many options to entertain themselves it just made sense to keep up with the speed of the world, so I constantly am writing and producing material and putting it out. Also, I like my work to be illustrated because in 2020 people communicate with memes and emojis, my style of work is just a reflection of the era I live in.”

Tim Storrs has gathered much love from global audiences for his work, especially from the USA and Japan. His first work, “Ripped Pages the unedited writing of Tim Storrs”, earned him a huge fan following in multiple countries which gave him the motivation to continue pursuing his calling. He has fully utilized his artistic skills by designing and selling customized merchandise related to the characters in his stories. His fans can relate with these characters, and therefore, are much excited to own these merchandise to express their love. His fans in Japan are so excited to own these items that the stores run out of these in no time. He has imposed a 1 item per person policy to let everybody purchase what they love.

Tim Storrs is excited about the publication of Contemporary Pulp. When asked about what inspired him to write this book, he replied: “I felt inspired with all that is going on in society in Minnesota and now around the world, the pulp fiction I write is just fictional depictions of reality with some extremes naturally because it is entertainment, but it was right up my ally and it gave me to write and publish something in real-time that reflects reality. My last two projects have been social commentaries of our current state, I just stopped what I was doing and put it together. It is why titled it contemporary pulp I like literal titles.”

More information about Tim Storrs can be accessed from:

Author’s page: www.amazon.com/author/timstorrs

Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timstorrs/

Business Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/creative1publishing/

About the Author:

Tim Storrs is a new American author of various styles of fiction, and poetry. He is releasing his new book Contemporary Pulp and the first month’s paperback book sales are going towards the Minneapolis Bail funds for protesters.

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