Marc Shyst Sets To Release A Soundtrack To His Book “The Tupac Code” In Support To The Black Lives Matter Movement

June 16 12:08 2020

Where words won’t suffice to express the anger and frustration of affected communities, songs give protest a language. Talented Rapper/Author Marc Shyst is pleased to announce the release of the soundtrack to his inspirational book “The Tupac Code” in light of the recent protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd and other egregious police brutality. The Tupac Code shows how Tupac’s life inspired Marc’s path, fed his spirit and gave him his purpose. The Tupac Code soundtrack is set to release on 6/16/2020 and would be available on all digital platforms.

The Tupac Code soundtrack captures the ideas and themes of this fantastic book and taps into the emotions readers would feel. Tupac Shakur’s legacy lives on through the political, social, and spiritual consciousness of underground Hip Hop MCee Marc Shyst. Marc Shyst is a new generation artist who is addressing racism, violence and disillusionment in a way that hasn’t been heard in decades.

Since Tupac’s untimely demise, there has been an absence of inspirational, social, cultural, spiritual, and social Hip-Hop to cross the airwaves. Parallel to Tupac, Marc Shyst has made it his mission to restore balance to hip hop in the footsteps of an artist who addressed so many facets and elements of the African American Experience.

From reading The Tupac Code, Marc prays readers find the inspiration to allow Tupac’s life to lead them into their calling. The Tupac Code is a memoir that gives in depth look at the struggle of a young rap artist to make it in the industry and this yet to be released Soundtrack will give readers insight to the music behind the story. “Only God Can Judge” is the first single of the album The Tupac Code Soundtrack where he addresses what he’s been through and the suffering behind police brutality.

This game-changing moment has inspired a new wave of protest songs and underlined the timelessness of others. Marc sheds light on the injustices faced by the black community at the hands of police brutality and institutionalized racism on the compelling new track, “Only God Can Judge”. He recently took part in the protest against police brutality in Dc. and used the opportunity to shoot footage for a song off the Tupac Code Soundtrack.

This soundtrack has songs that emotionally corresponded to the words on the pages of The Tupac Code and as demonstrations against the police killing of George Floyd, anti-Black racism and police brutality continue across the United States and around the world, people are turning to the music that speaks to that experience. What plays on inside a reader’s head might be the ultimate value of reading. The Tupac Code book and soundtrack are an example and testament of black lives matter.

About Marc Shyst

Marc Shyst is a Hip Hop artist/author/actor and a true 2pac prophet. Like his iconic predecessor, he can deliver thought provoking content to his listenership and engage them in every aspect of their lives. From the dance floor to the everyday challenges faced to survive in current times, Marc Shyst’s songs contain key elements that each listener can connect their own experiences with.

Marc Shyst has been anointed the new “Prophet of Hip Hop” and preaches his ministry through his bars and hooks to inject substance and depth back into Hip Hop to help his listeners grow morally, mentally, and spiritually. In direct contrast to what is currently being offered Marc Shyst influences and sets an example for the younger generation in the Hip Hop multimedia marketplace.

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