Biosan Launches Environment-friendly All-Natural Sanitizer

June 16 12:51 2020

United Kingdom – In the times of Covid-19, there has been a massive shortage of access to crucial disinfectant tools such as hand sanitizer, wipes, and other products that help keep people safe and healthy. The minds behind Biosan, an all-natural disinfectant, want to change this by producing and selling their own product to help people stay safe in these dangerous times.

“Biosan is a natural biocidal production organization currently producing 6  million liters per year of natural and extremely effective disinfectant. Accredited with  EU528/2012, BS EN 1276:2009, and BS EN 1656:2009, Biosan is approved for production and use in both human and animal areas. Biosan does not contain any chemicals and does not harm or irritate yet it kills 99.999% of all known viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores. Our latest reports indicate that Biosan is highly effective in treating equine flu, both 1 & 2 strains of the Florida Clade virus. Manufacturing takes place at the Solihull West Midlands UK plant and the product has been supplied to many sites,” Mike Fowler from Biosan explains.

This product goes far beyond just disinfectant though. It can be used in a variety of ways to help people live a healthier and cleaner life as well as assist in cleaning up water such as rivers and lakes from general dirtiness due to the passage of time as well as the compounded effects of human activity. The business started as an idea between two friends.

“The business was formed by friends and entrepreneurs, Professor Michael Clark and Mike Fowler. Mike’s idea of producing a completely natural product that will bring good to the world and the environment, this product simulates a natural protection process (hyperchloric acid) that can only bring good to society. By eliminating chemicals and making possible a much better life for people at a fair price. Professor Clark’s knowledge enabled them to produce the range available today, plus the company sells the technology. Among the variety of products marketed by Biosan, its best exponents are: Hand sanitizer, surface cleaner, disinfectant,” stated the two founders.

Unfortunately, the two founders have struggled to convince some people that this is the product of the future despite robust testing that proves not only the effectiveness of the product, but also its safety when dealing with humans and wildlife in the rivers and lakes that it will hopefully help clean.

“In the case of Biosan, it has been the prejudice of people and governments that the product works. For example, people having told the government in the UK a sanitizer must have alcohol refuse to consider a tested product that avoids damage to your skin and is proven to be dangerous to the environment. Manufactures will understand any new product needs to be marketed, but in the case of Biosan changes in mindset are also required,” the founders remarked.

Despite these hardships, the product has excelled and is the cleaning product of the future that the world could need now in these difficult times. The two co-founders hope to continue to develop the product and look for markets to sell it in. They also hope to increase production to ensure that there is enough of the product on the market.

“For 2020, the team has goals to move production from 1250 liters per hour to 50000 liters per hour, develop new uses, and help manufacturers launch improved cosmetic products and work with governments and state industry to help improve sanitation, water supply, and set up production facilities. We are a business looking to develop this brand and marketplace. The opportunity exists for us to be able to bring another natural product to the market place despite obstacles being presented by self serving organizations,” the co-founders said.

To find out more about Biosan, you can check out their website here.

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