Personal Injury Law Takes Knowledge, Determination, Competence and Dedication by an Attorney

August 19 15:37 2020

A personal injury can occur at any time without any warning whatsoever. Whether it is because of automobile accident, negligence, medical malpractice, company or personal irresponsibility, or even intentional negligence or harm, only a seasoned personal injury law attorney like Bradley S. Hartman, P. A. of Cooper City, Florida can help individuals in the Florida area. The type of personal injury is really astounding quite frankly with dozens of incidents that can result in serious injury and even death. There are statues of limitations in Florida for personal injury civil suit filings and a good attorney will know these and file a suit within these statutes. 

The more serious the injury, the more years of experience and knowledge an attorney will need.

The idea behind bringing a personal injury lawsuit is to seek restitutions to make an individual as whole as possible as before the injury occurred. There can be physical and even emotional injuries that occur. The most devastating type of personal injury is negligent death. Also known as wrongful death, Attorney Hartman seeks to make the remaining family members whole again by obtaining the compensation they need to move on with their lives. In all personal injury cases, not just the present must be examined, but the future as many traumas or physical problems can show up years after an actual injury occurs. A good attorney must assess the entirety of the situation now and into the present. 

In some cases of wrongful death, the death is so unnecessary, it can be deemed criminal.

While no one can bring back a deceased loved one, with wrongful death, many hardships such as financial and interfamilial problems can occur. These must all be taken into consideration during a civil action of this type. Wrongful death can occur during a medical procedure, an accident, or even be the result of intentional negligence or sometimes violence. The type of negligent death that results from intentional negligence or misconduct can also be termed gross malice and can sometimes cross into criminal penalties being brought against the defendant. Gross malice can encompass both outright criminal behavior (like punching someone too hard), or even by an unprovoked event like throwing a chair that hits someone during a basketball game. These types of situations may include not just fines and restitution but also prison or jail time. 

No matter what personal injury happens, in order to get complete restitution, hire the best attorney.

A person who is injured has a limited amount of time to bring a personal injury civil lawsuit. Time is always of the essence, but time must be taken to choose correctly. Background, credentials, references, and education, as well as years of experience should be looked at before choosing an attorney in this type of law. A person’s quality of life is at stake in each personal injury case. Only the best attorney that a person can afford should handle the case. There is no substitute for knowledge, experience, and education. 

About Bradley S. Hartman, P. A.

Attorney Hartman serves Cooper City, Florida and the surrounding area in personal injury law. His credentials are extensive and can be found on the website. There is a blog, a contact form, a phone number and email. He has a Facebook and Twitter account and is listed in Google Business. There is a search tool, a list of all types of personal injury law, and even a video and case studies. He offers free consultations and no fee unless he wins. 

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