Fearless Color World Online Concert on Sep, 9

September 01 14:33 2020

World superstars unite on 9 PM EST September 9, 2020! See you there!

Art knows no boundaries. Music knows no boundaries.

In 2020, the world has experienced too many disasters and sorrows. The world has pressed the pause button on joy and happiness. Not long ago, because of the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the world, an online concert “One World: Together At Home,” which gathered the world’s top stars, became the focus of the world at home.

This time, the online concert that gathers many top stars in the United States to convey love and hope through music will be hosted by Color Star Technology (NASDAQ: HHT), an online celebrity education platform of “Star DreamWorks”. It will be presented at 9 pm on September 9th, waiting for you to come to this music explosion tour!

We will witness and feel: Grammy winner Jazz soul guitarist Larry Carlton;

Wiz Khalifa, a genius rapper;

The talented and one-of-a-kind Machine Gun Kelly;

R&B black pearl Ashanti S. Douglas;

Syncopated Ladies, a modern tap dance group led by Chloe Arnold;

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, ranked No. 1

George Lam, famous Hong Kong Singer & Actor 

ID&MASA has a thrilling title of “Guitar God” in the Asian pop music scene.

MuYe Wu the most influential pianist in the classical music market.

Ryuta Hayashi popular superstar in Japan known as the “Osaka Prince”

Zhihao Zhu popular singer, actor, and entertainer 

Ying Na the “popular music queen of Mainland China”

These blockbuster stars are coming. Under the call of the Color World, they have responded and gathered here. Using online broadcasting, audiences from all over the world can listen to the concert at home, presenting an unprecedented online live music with an audiovisual sense on-site. The creator is very much looking forward to the Color World Online Star Concert to bring us a musical feast. 

This concert is completely a classic, 2020 which is shrouded in the haze of the pandemic. We still need the power of music! This online live stream will be 2 hours long. We can see how these superstars show us their care and love online. We look forward to the audience of all superstars!

When the most influential musicians use actions to tell the world: We are always there. The world is colored, life is colored, music is colored, and planets are colored!

This time is special, there is no substitute for it. I hope that everyone who has watched 2 hours of singing will feel this happiness when they think about it for many years. And keep going with this spirit!

The reporter learned that the online concert will be held at the same time as its online paid knowledge software APP. By then, hundreds of millions of viewers around the world will become users of the Color World software APP while enjoying and watching this concert. Use the form of the network to construct an entertainment alliance, feel the new era of music in the new era, let the power of music dispel the haze, and bring hope and dawn to mankind!

As the organizer of this event, Color Planet Technology is a diversified entertainment technology company that uses “stars online + paid knowledge” as the carrier to create professional entertainment services through a combination of online and offline methods and rapidly enhances its US stock market through business transformation The market value has been rising, and the influence has continued to expand. Color Planet Technology has also been regarded as a dark horse. The author read relevant information and some American analysts gave a bold forecast of the stock price of $120 per share. This shows that the Color World online education platform is promising in the future. According to observations, the current stock price of Color Planet is relatively low, and it is believed that the launch of the software’s online concert will cause Color Planet’s stock to rise rapidly.

The creator investigated the number of viewers of some online concerts and found that almost all of the online concerts had more than 10 million viewers. I believe that the number of viewers of the Color World Online Concert will not be a minority. The color world online education platform may gain a large number of users through this concert. The large number of users will bring a very good start to the future development of Color Planet. Colorful music, colorful life, colorful world!

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