Cosmetic Dentist Near Ramsgate Offers Porcelain Veneers for Painless Smile Makeovers

September 08 15:28 2020
Cosmetic Dentist Near Ramsgate Offers Porcelain Veneers for Painless Smile Makeovers
Ramsgate’s top-rated cosmetic dentist is pleased to offer smile makeovers for people that are afraid of going to the dentist. Today’s modern technology allows people to achieve the smile of their dreams with minimal pain or anxiety.

Ramsgate Beach, NSW – According to the NHMRC and the Australian Dental Journal, about 15% of Australians suffer from a fear of going to see the dentist, which means they are at risk of having oral health issues if not addressed in a timely manner. Poor oral health has been shown to contribute to an unattractive smile. In today’s world where human interaction is highly valued, a large number of Sydneysiders are embarrassed by their smile. Because the fear of a dental visit is so strong, they miss out on having a healthy brilliant smile. Dr Rammo, owner and principal dentist at justSMILE is working to alleviate that fear with a gentle approach to cosmetic dentistry.

At the dental clinic of justSMILE, the team has been focusing on cosmetic dentistry treatment that’s painless – transforming a smile of their patients with little pain or discomfort. The entire dental team believes that everyone deserves a smile that they’re proud to show off. Dr Rammo remarks: “The dental technology available to us today is far more advanced, allowing us to achieve dramatic smile makeovers in less time with better results and less discomfort.”

When asked about the types of cosmetic dental treatments available, Dr Rammo notes that justSMILE offers a wide array of services to correct conditions that include stained teeth and restoration of teeth damaged by chips and cracks: “A very popular treatment we offer is our Zoom teeth whitening service. People can come in during their lunch break and make their teeth up to 8 shades whiter in under one hour. Another popular option for people who are unhappy with their smile is porcelain veneers. With dental veneers, we are able to transform the look and colour of a patient’s teeth in just a couple of visits. They help cover up deep intrinsic stains and correct any chips or breaks that may have happened over the years.” More information about dental veneers can be found on their website.

Some of Dr Rammo’s patients have considered treatment such as invisalign to correct minor misalignment of their front teeth, or to close the gap between their front teeth. Dr Rammo says that a lot of people are not aware that there are alternatives to Invisalign when it comes to minor cosmetic changes. “If a patient comes to us with a diastema (gap between the front teeth), quite often, we can offer a quick solution with porcelain veneers. Both the cost and duration is significantly less, and our patients have reported being ecstatic with the results.”

When asked how porcelain veneers are able to give such great results, Dr Rammo replies: “They’re custom made for each patient and fit over an individual’s natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are highly resistant to staining from coloured foods like berries or curries and soft drinks. They also come in a wide range of shades, and can be crafted to look just like natural teeth. Veneers not only enhance a smile, but help to protect teeth from further damage.”

When orthodontic treatment is the preferred solution, Dr Rammo let’s patients know that Invisalign’s clear aligner system is not only painless, but gives awesome results without the stigma that may be associated with traditional metal braces.

Dr Rammo ends with “In today’s society, a lot of emphasis is placed on the appearance of one’s smile and subsequently, dental problems affect the way that individuals are perceived. We see people who want a smile makeover in preparation for a major event like a wedding, graduation or a job interview. The wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions we have available at our local dental clinic can help people feel better about themselves. The treatment is so advanced these days and it’s almost painless.”

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justSMILE is a locally owned and operated dental clinic servicing Ramsgate and the southern suburbs of Sydney. They offer a wide range of family and cosmetic dental services, including the ever-popular teeth whitening service, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign clear aligners. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

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