WIMI’s Hologram AR Advertising Platform Has Huge Opportunities in the Trend of SNS+AR Booming

September 08 18:46 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘SNS+AR Technology Becoming a Trend, and WIMI’s Hologram AR Advertising Platform Has Huge Opportunities‘. Facebook was one of the earliest tech companies to lay out its vision for VR. In July 2014, amidst the doubts of countless people, Facebook bought the cutting-edge virtual reality manufacturer Oculus for $2 billion. “We are making a long-term layout, and immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will become part of people’s daily lives,” Zuckerberg told reporters at the time.

Different from other IT giants, Zuckerberg wants to use VR to subvert the way of socializing. He believes that, shortly, virtual reality technology will be one of the important means to connect people.

Facebook said that users prefer branded content that inspires some form of interaction. Users want your ads to be innovative, such as containing less text, more GIFs, and elements like the live broadcast, emoji, filters, and stickers.

The international e-commerce giant Amazon is also racking its brains to create a successful social product. At the beginning of 2017, Amazon launched its first social product, Spark. Its product interface is somewhat similar to Instagram and Pinterest, two mature social products. Users share good things by means of the image stream, and new users need to select at least five areas of interest. The system will push relevant content based on these tags. There is no doubt that the retail industry has transformed this year. On the one hand, it is the merger of online and offline stores, such as Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market this year. On the other hand, retail enterprises have deployed AR/VR technology to establish a new AR/VR shopping experience.

With the rapid development of AR/VR technology, more and more enterprises are aware of the great potential of this new technology in the application of business models. Especially in the constantly changing retail industry, AR/VR technology has attracted the attention of numerous enterprises. This year, China’s mainstream e-commerce and retailers are deploying AR/VR technology. In foreign countries, leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon have also launched the AR/VR+ retail shopping mode.

WIMI Hologram Cloud is a content provider for AR, which allows you to see and interact with the three-dimensional images of non-existent objects and the real world. Through the projection device, the images on the mobile phone or computer are projected onto other media. The most commercially valuable aspect of WIMI is holographic technology.

WIMI’s AI-MBtWIMI, a high-performance WIMI holographic cloud management platform developed by the company, is mainly used to provide enterprises, groups, organizations, or individuals with three service systems: AR3D application & holographic entertainment, AR3D application & holographic advertising, and AR3D application & holographic technology services. According to different application scenarios, the cloud platform is divided into To BTo C. There are some differences in support of functions and features. To B mainly provides holographic virtual content and technical support services for advertising, cinema, home improvement, catering, entertainment, and other companies. To C mainly provides WIMI holographic Cloud AI-MBTNSDK and its plug-ins for mobile photography and APP applications to provide various personal value-added services. In the future, it can also be used in AR/ virtual reality/smart glasses, and DLP (digital optical processing) cast to the retina. It has SDK plug-ins and intelligent billing system.

WIMI cloud advertising provides customers with two business models: customized application development and platform distribution.

1. Customized 3DAR holographic advertising development

2. Platform 3DAR holographic advertising distribution

WIMI opens its API interface to high-quality customers. Through the API interface, the media platform can develop a series of customized system functions, including automated management of advertising resources, advertising resource analysis and internal system integration, customized special functions, and a single platform to manage multiple accounts. Media platforms can display their advertising space resources in front of advertisers in an all-round way.

WIMI has developed advanced data analysis capabilities to capture actionable insights from the vast amounts of data collected by products and third-party sources., It has currently penetrated about 350 million reliable end-users, from which raw data can be gathered. WIMI’s processing capabilities enable it to manage large amounts of data and provide real-time analysis on a massive scale, thereby continuing to improve and innovate products and services. Data mining and user behavior data analysis technologies enable WIMI to build and segment context-rich user profiles and apply this type of analysis to a wide range of applications. For example, WIMI created more than 2,000 user tags by analyzing user data collected through its holographic AR advertising service.

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