Forsentek Co., Limited Supplies Quality Force Load Cells Torque Sensors For Different Industries

September 18 01:01 2020
Due to technological up-gradation in force and pressure measurement sensors and systems, Forsentek Co., Limited’s advanced load cells and measurement sensors stand out as a major substitute for traditional Strain gauges.

Today’s Forsentek Co., Limited has produced some of the most accurate measuring tools in industry and commerce. These measuring devices are often equipped with modern features and components that simplify their use. They are designed to measure pressure, temperature, electricity flow, torque, and shows detailed information instantly. For using the device, the staff needs little training as it is designed so that people can use it without following many procedures. It is a combination of different measuring instruments, which facilitates simplifying the works. These measuring instruments are well insulted and contain high-quality features to provide safety, accuracy, and durability. The company spokesman said these devices are specifically tailored to meet the needs of different industries. Therefore, every industry will find the device worth buying. Many people consider these gauges a better option compared to traditional devices because they are easy to integrate, durable, and accurate.

flange type torque meter

Forsentek Co., Limited’s inline load cells are manufactured to be mounted in-line to the load axis to measure tension. These systems are made entirely of welded stainless steel with various thread settings, making them incredible for field and laboratory applications. They can withstand tremendous off-axis loads, making them a great option for tension estimation or in-line compression where side loading can’t be fully controlled. Often used in fluid power transfer units, these systems are cost-effective and simple to assemble. These permits multi-element systems to be examined simultaneously. Clients who require particular specifications or a full custom design to meet their unique needs should contact the company. 

These days, Forsentek Co., Limited’s new 3 axis load cell, is undoubtedly the best selection, particularly if a person is searching for a good gauge with a user-friendly interface, advanced features, and compact design. This kind of device measures forces in every direction, regardless of the point of application of the load. Common uses of this kind of converter are friction force measurement, force monitoring in handing gadgets, force control in robotics, industrial test benches, and so on. Besides, it can also be customized to meet the need of different industries and applications. 

miniature tension compression load cell

With the development of technology, the rotary torque sensor has presented many features to produce comfortable services to users. This tool serves as a test device for motors, power tools, generators, etc. It can also be used in areas where measurements must be carried out on a rotating axis or a stationary motor. It’s affordable, powerful, and easy to use. A manufacturer like Forsentek Co., Limited offers users the best tool that will provide quality and accurate results.

About Forsentek Co., Limited

Forsentek Co., Limited’s history is rich in machine innovation, client focus, and strategic growth. With roots as a small company located in China, it has expanded into a global, publicly-traded, multi-million dollar public company and a leading manufacturer of innovative load cells and measurement solutions.

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