Vector Factory Positions Itself as One of the Leading Vector Conversion Services

November 07 04:45 2020
Vector Factory Positions Itself as One of the Leading Vector Conversion Services
Vector Conversion Service with more features than most competitors

November 6, 2020 – was launched in 2012 in an effort to provide one of the most robust vector conversion services available online. Vector Factory is the creation of David Stoltz, a web developer in Pennsylvania. David saw a niche (vector conversion) that lacked features and a streamlined process.

Vector conversion is the process of converting a raster image into a vector file. Most of the images seen in your web browser are raster images – made up of small dots called pixels. If these images are enlarged for other uses like billboards, vehicle wraps, t-shirts, etc. – they will become blurry and distorted. Vector images on the other hand can be enlarged without any distortion.

Many vector conversion services are email based – meaning, images are emailed or uploaded to a service – and in time, they email the converted vector file back. The downfall of these services, aside from the fact that emails can be lost or deleted – is that many services use computer software to “auto-convert” the image. This causes undesired artifacts in the vector file.

David set out to create a streamlined website with professional artists that hand convert your image. When the image is hand converted the resulting vector file retains more detail and does not suffer from artifacts caused by the auto-conversion process. Vector Factory saves your file for 90 days at no extra cost and also offers long term and permanent storage services. Customers can optionally have images mailed on CD, SD card or a USB drive.

At last count, Vector Factory has over ten thousand registered users and is growing each day.

About Vector Factory

Read reviews from Vector Factory customers at They also answer many frequently asked questions on their website and their streamlined process is detailed here

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