Waylan Consulting Group is Helping SaaS Companies Sell with DMs

November 07 04:51 2020
Outbound prospecting that lands profitable demos for B2B SaaS companies

Joe Petruzzi is the founder of Waylan Consulting Group, an outbound consulting agency based in Connecticut. Joe originally started outbound prospecting for his own firm when he began back in 2018, and found it was very challenging.

It was after years of experimenting, fine tuning, and helping his clients do the same that he finally assembled Waylans system, “The Outbound Engineering Program.”

This program helps B2B SaaS founders and execs multiply their monthly demos through high outbound conversion rates. By increasing outbound conversion rates, SaaS companies can confidently invest more into outbound marketing, as well as their reps.

Each client enrolled in the higher tier consulting program will also get 1on1 calls with Joe and his team, as well as hands on copywriting support to help further accelerate their outbound performance.

Outbound prospecting is by far one of the best options for client acquisition in early stage SaaS because of how profitable it is. You can get leads for cents, and by putting in minimal manual labor, you can close high-ticket deals (thousands, 10’s of thousands, or 100’s of thousands), and take home an insane margin, which is great for cash flow (the enemy of every startup).

More information about Waylan can be found here: https://www.waylanconsultinggroup.com/

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