JP Moridi Eyes Being the Top Licensed Realtor in the Country

December 11 04:00 2020
JP Moridi Eyes Being the Top Licensed Realtor in the Country

JP Moridi, a licensed realtor with high sales, specializes in residential properties in the Bay Area of Northern California. JP Moridi’s success in the field has led him to work with celebrities, athletes, and clients from different walks of life in Silicon Valley.

JP sourced his inspiration and motivation from his father, Al Moridi. His father started his real estate career in 1988 and established the right name as one of the most reliable and outstanding realtors in California. Growing up, JP has witnessed the sweat and hard work that his father demonstrated to deserve such recognition. Working tirelessly at any time of the day made his father reap a fruitful reward. Wise enough to learn from firsthand experience, JP Moridi took these lessons even up until today and made sure they are instilled in a manner that no one can take away. 

JP believes that staying positive and living according to his beliefs and principles will mold him to become a better individual and a better realtor. His positivity transcends from his being and influences other people who surround him. It is contagious, and it spreads like wildfire, which is something the world needs. Not every individual is capable of seeing the positive side of things. JP’s clients consider him as a partner because he does not only treat them as a business deal. Instead, JP always goes out of his way to lend a hand and be a bridge that helps clients reach the paths they are afraid to even lay a foot on. 

JP has worked with some of the big names in Silicon Valley, who have entrusted him to look for the best property deals and to fight for the best home he can provide for his clients. For JP, he is much more than a realtor. He transforms dreams into reality. JP is also an active member of his community while generously contributing to the American Center Society. His other hobbies include boxing, golfing, working out, and traveling the world to taste a glimpse of different cultures.

In 2015, JP Moridi was interviewed by the famous Forbes magazine at the prestigious “Under 30 Summit.” He was honored with an “Executive Circle Award,” giving credit to his achievements nationally. This event was one of his most significant achievements. Currently, JP and his team have already surpassed selling more than 1,400 homes and have earned an established name and impeccable impression in the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends. 

In the world of real estate, such achievements can only be reached when a person has the particular skill to charm and establish rapport with potential clients. Luckily for JP Moridi, his charm does not need to be forced because it flows naturally. JP Moridi aims to be the top realtor in the country, and he is only a few steps closer to achieving such a dream.

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