Terry Wayne Williams Reveals Love, Living Everyday Life and Freedom in “You Jesus & The Father”

February 01 22:44 2021
Terry Wayne Williams Reveals Love, Living Everyday Life and Freedom in "You Jesus & The Father"

Terry Wayne Williams reveals love and living everyday life free from the concerns of it, while on a journey that is full of peace, purpose, and knowing that you are dearly cared for, in “You Jesus & The Father”.

There are millions of people who live their everyday life without the wisdom necessary to fulfill their purpose while here on earth. There are millions who have been and are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Could it be possible for them to attain the wisdom so that they no longer live their daily lives weighed down and burdened? Is there another way to go about living daily life knowing you are on the right path? Is there another way to go about living daily life without carrying so much of the weight? These and other important questions are answered by Terry Wayne Williams in his recently published work “You Jesus & The Father”.

“You Jesus & The Father” aims to help propel anyone towards becoming, doing, having, and accomplishing the purposes God has for their lives. “You Jesus & The Father” was birthed, because Terry was one who once was sick and tired of being sick and tired and questioned if there was another way of living everyday life than what he was doing. He lived his everyday life with good intentions and moral convictions as many do every day. Terry found himself weary, burdened, anxious, angry, envious, and questioning his own ability to keep on living the way he was. Terry says he wanted freedom! He wanted it in his finances, interests, relationships, schedule, and timing of it all! Could it be possible to live in such a way? Yes, Terry says, and to do so all he had to do was to be willing to go to any length to have it. Would it cost a lot of money? Would it cost him a ton of time? The answers to these questions were no!

However, what it would cost him, was to unlearn his self-reliant ways, only to embrace living each day leaning not on his own understanding, He needed to gain and apply necessary wisdom and principles he could apply in his everyday life that would soon set him free indeed! Once this journey begun, the results would soon speak for themselves. Just as any child trusts in the wisdom and strength of their loving parents, so it is with Jesus. It is Jesus who is willing to will anyone to reveal The Father and his will for them. Within the will, Terry found the freedom he was looking for, but not only that, he also found how much one can be shown how much they are dearly loved by God. You see, it takes action to show you love someone and Terry says it is God who is willing to take action to show himself strong on a person’s behalf, who will trust and yield to his will for their daily lives.

This book answers many other difficult questions and shows how each person is unique in their own way and also how their uniqueness will lead them to their divine destiny while they are here on earth.

Some of the questions Terry was led to get answers to were these. Who’s will are you doing? Who taught you to be self-reliant? Who taught you it is you who is responsible to figure out a plan for your life? Who taught you the anxiousness, worry, doubt, and fear that come from the what if’s of tomorrow is normal? These questions, answers, and principles that will challenge every aspect of self-reliant living and the wisdom thereof, is revealed in this book.

“You Jesus & The Father” has the ability to appeal to anyone and as Terry would put it, especially those who have been and/or are sick and tired of being sick and tired. This book has the wisdom within it necessary to lead others to the freedom or as Terry would put it, the divine carelessness that he lives in everyday just as any 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-year old child does who is dearly cared for by their loving parents. Not only that, but he also knows that this book has the wisdom within it and once applied to set others on a path to becoming, doing, having, and accomplishing Gods purposes and the will thereof for their lives while they are here.

The audience for this book cuts across all boundaries, including Christians, struggling Christians, any race, any creed, any age, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Muslims, and more.

“You Jesus & The Father” by Terry Wayne Williams is available for purchase.

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