Say Good-Bye To Exhaustion & Foggy Feeling, Consume These Superfood Powders For A Life-Changing Experience

February 03 22:03 2021
Sustainable Vegan Superfood brand created by exhausted young mother goes viral. Reduce vitamin deficiencies with these plant-based Superfoods.

Boosting the overall well-being now just got easier & tastier with newly launched Dose of Raw Superfoods. Their 100% natural Superfood blends are made to build immunity, boost metabolism & fight against free-radicals (the ageing stuff). All Vegan, Organic & without any other nasties.

There’s a lot of buzz around superfoods but what exactly are they?  Superfoods are foods that have a very high nutritional density. This means that they provide a substantial amount of nutrients and very few calories. Also, they contain a high volume of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They promise to promote heart health, improve energy levels and reduce the effects of aging. Ultimately, they are the latest tool in the health arsenal — but the real challenge is to find the ones that actually deliver what is promised. 

Dose of Raw – a vegan superfood brand was founded by a young woman Karolin after she had an exhausting year with her first-born son. After suffering from hormonal acne, anxiety and foggy mind she felt like she didn’t want to rely on no-name supplements and pills to recover her vitamin deficiencies. Moreover, living in a country where most of the year fruits & veggies are mostly shipped in a container, she realized she needed something besides her food to boost her well-being and body naturally.

A year later, during her son’s nap times, she started building up Dose of Raw to be able to share the superfoods that worked best for her and her family with people just like you, who might feel the same way (foggy, anxious, tired – or all of them).

There is no rocket science behind Dose of Raw superfoods. They take fresh, organic superfoods like Acai, take the water out of it so that all the nutrients stay in and then freeze-dry them into easy-to-use superfood powders. One teaspoon = daily serving of essential nutrients and minerals in the diet of the consumer. Just add it to smoothies, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt or anything else, for a fast, nutritious boost. One fantastic factor on which focused while developing these products is these powders can turn into refreshing and yummy superfood smoothies without adding too many ingredients into the blender.

One of their best-seller “Self-love Bundle” is loved by customers as it contains 14 healthiest superfoods with essential vitamins and minerals which function as immunity-boosting Green Superfood as well as Beauty superfood as it contains Vitamin C for healthy and clear skin. 

The key ingredients include Acai as a source of antioxidants, Camu-Camu as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, and last but not least, Chlorella for an immunity boost. All of the ingredients are GMO and allergen-free, with only natural sugars. This super antioxidant rich blend will energize, soothe, heal, and de-stress the body and mind.

Dose of raw is a brand with a mission, and theirs is to make the consumers feel good & look good while being 100% organic, ethical & tasty. Once anyone who place an order from Dose of Raw, will not just become healthier, but will also plant a tree in Tanzanian  rainforest, as an effort to offset the CO2 emissions produced during the delivery of the order. Dose of Raw is also not a big fan of plastics, all of their super foods are shipped in 100% compostable mailers – fully made of plants! All of their products arevegan, cruelty-free & with no-added sugars, perfect for enhancing super mommies and everyone else’s mood and health.

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