LeVeL Up To Train Shaping and Nursing Basketball Careers Worldwide

February 12 19:00 2021
LeVeL Up To Train Shaping and Nursing Basketball Careers Worldwide

Talent, when spotted on time and managed properly, gets all the room in the world to thrive. With basketball talent, it is not any different, and a company like LeVeL Up To Train is discovering and nurturing basketball talents to success. With a mission to help basketball athletes get to the highest points in their careers, LeVeL Up To Train is globe-trotting in its search for extraordinary talents. Within two years, the company has signed more than 100 athletes into collegiate programs all over the United States, which is usually the first step to basketball success.

LeVeL Up To Train was established by Mario Fleurima, a professional basketball player who has an entire blueprint for upcoming players to learn from. His goal is to show these up-and-coming players the ropes and help them achieve success. He started LeVeL Up To Train to be a scouting company, and so far, the company has picked up players from countries like Germany, Canada, Spain, and Finland. It has also helped more than a dozen players sign professional contracts. To further solidify the company’s work, Mario is bringing in former basketball champion Samuel Dalembert to mentor new talent.

Mario Fleurima played professional basketball in Spain for more than three years, and he is willing to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation of basketball players. Currently taking over South Florida as the biggest basketball scouting company in the area, LeVeL Up To Train is working toward establishing its presence in all 50 states of the United States. Its level of success in the last two years has also added extra feathers to its cap. Plans are in motion to launch a series of events for its annual International Academy this summer to give athletes more opportunities to showcase their talent. As part of its programs, athletes who want to improve their basketball skills can avail its subscription, personal training, and scouting placement program.

Beyond scouting for basketball talents, Level Up To Train provides marketing agents who help shape these talents into brands and build their careers from scratch. This process includes mentorship, guidance, and training. “We also provide youth, collegiate, and professional showcase camps for athletes looking to gain awareness from coaches and professional clubs overseas,” Mario says.

Level Up To Train targets basketball talents who are still within the age of recruitment and parents looking for the right guidance for their children’s careers. Mario is focused on a global takeover for his company as presently, the facility in Berlin, Germany, is complete already. The next plan is to build facilities in Spain, France, Canada, Finland, and India. 

Seeing basketball players succeed is Mario’s biggest passion. “I want to give back to young upcoming athletes. I know exactly how it feels to be lost in the recruitment process as a teenager. During my time, I had to fight to become a professional athlete and took routes that I would not want anybody else to take. That is why I created this brand to simplify the recruitment process for all athletes across the globe, providing a more safety net for parents looking to support their children’s basketball careers. Level Up To Train is aiming towards taking over the basketball world. Mario hopes to partner with the NBA and be an integral part of recruiting talents into the NBA.

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