Torino Kwong Johnson, the Highly Decorated Coach Making Waves in the Sports Industry

February 12 19:18 2021
Torino Kwong Johnson, the Highly Decorated Coach Making Waves in the Sports Industry

In the sports industry, a plethora of reputable authorities and commendable coaches exist to guide athletes and teams toward the fulfillment of their goals. There is no shortage of bright minds and skilled hands who are all backed up by years of extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the sport. Given this particular reality, it could be difficult for both aspirants and established coaches to make a name for themselves in the highly-saturated scene but armed with his signature approach toward enabling success for his teams, Torino Kwong Johnson has managed to take center stage.

Known for his ability to lead teams all the way to championships, this widely acclaimed personality is a former UA Youth 15 basketball coach whose impressive portfolio of accomplishments has propelled him to to the forefront of the basketball arena. Hailing from Southern California, Torino Kwong Johnson attended Manual Arts and Susan Miller Dorsey High School and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Health Sciences from the American Public University in Charles Town, West Virginia.  

The impetus behind Torino’s personal and professional endeavors was an emotionally and spiritually troubling interaction that happened when he was six. “I had my first interaction with a police officer. The man in blue pointed his gun at me and asked, “What size body bag do you want to wear?” he shares. This story, which resonates with countless others’ lived experiences not only in America but also in many more countries worldwide, explains his drive to go all-out as one of the most decorated and influential high school coaches. 

Torino Kwong Johnson, a four-time recipient of the Los Angeles City Section Coach of the Year Award and the Cal-High California State Coach of the Year distinction in 2016, has just been appointed to an assistant coaching position with the Nigerian Men’s national team, which is under the leadership of Mike Brown. He brings with him years of experience serving as the head coach for powerhouses, as well as his deep-seated love for the sport — a passion that evolved from an initial interest sparked with the help of his late grandmother. 

Over the years, Torino Kwong Johnson was able to hone his skills and elevate his professional career to greater heights under the tutelage of John Wooden, George Raveling, Rich Sheubrooks, Gary Colson, and Jerry West. Currently, as the head coach of the women’s basketball team at California State University in Los Angeles, he is bound to rack up more career milestones and accomplishments under his belt. 

In the coming years, Torino Kwong Johnson is setting his eyes on rising through the ranks as an in-demand coach and partnering with brands like Louis Vuitton, Lululemon, Hermes, and more. He also plans to grace commercials and Billboards, banking on his passion for basketball, his decorated career, and his ability to build relationships to reach the summit. 

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