Create A King Podcast Guides Men and Women Alike Toward Finding Their Inner Leaders

February 12 19:27 2021
Create A King Podcast Guides Men and Women Alike Toward Finding Their Inner Leaders

Day by day, people often struggle to find their purpose. Most individuals lose sight of their goals and fall into the trap of aimlessness and never seem to pick themselves back up. Antonio Arena is no stranger to struggle. At one point in life, he realized that he had hit rock bottom. He was consumed by anxiety, fear, and anger toward himself. That all changed when he finally found his purpose, and it came to him in the form of his loving daughter.

After gaining some clarity in life, Antonio Arena established his very own podcast called “Create A King,” and his success just spiraled on from there. The podcast is geared toward helping other individuals regain their focus on the necessities of growth and the process of life-long learning. The word king has always held so much power. It’s a word that holds the positive insights of a leader, someone who could guide people toward prosperity no matter what.

Create A King aims to help men and women alike find their inner leaders. The podcast aims to help them understand themselves so they can lead others in the right direction. It aims to create ripples of positive impact in our society, guiding others toward their own journeys of self-discovery. “The best investment you can make is on yourself,” says Antonio. “I started with my body by training in martial arts. Next was research for the mind by reading books and educating myself. Lastly, I developed my soul by looking internally and by being selfless,” he adds.

The entire prospect of Create A King is rooted in the holistic development of an individual. Much like Antonio Arena’s personal development journey. The podcast pushes for the powerful connection of the body, mind, and soul in growth and development. It aims to tap into the light that is inside everyone through authenticity. Everything on the podcast is from Antonio’s own experience, which means it can’t get any more genuine than that.

Create A King was built with countless inspirations in mind. Most notably, the brand is Antonio’s own interpretation of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.” Antonio loves to be inspired, and so he wants to spread the infectious inspiration to his community by spreading love, positive energy, and faith through his podcast.

“Especially during these dark times, a little more love and inspiration can only have a positive impact. That’s why I created Create A King Podcast,” explains Antonio. He sees himself leading a community of people looking for growth and positive change in the near future. His dream doesn’t seem too far from reality, as his podcast releases a new episode every week, further creating the positive change that Antonio wishes to see.

As his brand expands even more and the Create A King podcast gains more traction, Antonio Arena hopes to start his career in public speaking, hosting seminars to connect with his listeners and people from all around the globe. He also wants to start a program for kids to introduce them to martial arts early on to get the youth more disciplined, focused, and humbled.

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