What Are The Common Pouring Methods For Stainless Steel Investment Casting?

February 22 10:22 2021

Stainless steel precision casting has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality, and investment casting is a widely used less, no cutting advanced technology, the process is simple to say, it is made of fusible materials into a fusible model, an important step in investment casting is pouring molding, so what are the common pouring methods of stainless steel precision casting?

1. Directional crystallization

Some investment castings such as turbine blades, magnetic steel, etc., if their crystal structure is columnar crystal arranged in the direction, their working performance can be improved a lot, so the directional crystallization technology of investment casting is developing rapidly.

2. Crystallization under pressure

Put the shell in the pressure tank for pouring. After pouring, close the pressure tank immediately and inject high pressure air or inert gas into the tank to solidify the casting under pressure, so as to increase the density of the casting.

3. Vacuum suction casting

The mold shell is placed in the vacuum pouring box, and the gas in the mold cavity is absorbed through the tiny pores in the mold shell, so that the liquid metal can fill the mold cavity effectively, copy the shape of the mold cavity, improve the casting accuracy, and prevent the defects of porosity and insufficient pouring.

4. Hot gravity casting

This is a widely used form of pouring, that is, the shell is taken out from the baking furnace and poured at high temperature.

The pouring method of stainless steel precision casting is mainly the above to share with you. If you need stainless steel precision casting, you can contact us Wanfang precision casting.

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