Singer, Song Writer Mv Announces First Music Single “Your Life Will Never Be The Same”

March 09 04:33 2021
Song “Your Life Will Never Be The Same” is based on a cyberpunk/retro-futuristic graphic novel called Dusk Crisis.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Life truly is a hoopla of uncertainties, and merry-go-rounds of ecstasy and agony. In the midst of life, individuals become vulnerable to self-doubts, which brings about a flood of negative emotions. This surge of energy leads to despair, causing people to question their mere existence in the rather bleak realm. 

Some name this period of self-loathe as existential crisis. Yet, there are few artistic minds who, in the midst of uncertainty and desolation, are able to ease themselves daydreaming on different ideas. Dusk Crisis, a futuristic novel with 80’s resemblance, is based on the same theme. The novel will be initially published as a graphic novel with several volumes featuring the magnificence of creativity manifested amid despair and hopelessness.

The mastermind behind this novel is one phenomenal music producer and lyricist, Manuel David Vasquez (better known as Mv), who is all set to launch the debut song ‘Your Life Will Never Be The Same.’ A synthwave song based on the cyberpunk/retro-futuristic graphic novel Dusk Crisis is all about embracing myriad feelings, emotions, and thoughts that a person experiences while indulging in the joy of daydreaming. All the ocean of emotions depicted in this track represents the feeling of the main characters in the novel ‘Dusk Crisis.’

Resembling the vibes of the 80’s comic book genre, ‘Your Life Will Never Be The Same’ provides a reality-check to all stuck in the middle of RUT, empowering them to hold on to the hope of better tomorrow.  The avid reader of Sci-FI and CyberPunk as leisure, Mv, is currently working on a Graphic Novel, Dusk Crisis, all while combining synthwave music to complement the genre of the novel.

This project is near to my heart as I am interweaving my biggest passions in Life in an intricate blend. Bringing together my adoration for Sci-Fi and CyberPunk and enthusiasm for singing and songwriting, ‘Your Life Will Never Be The Same,’ is a masterpiece, and I truly hope that it will leave listeners awestruck,” says Mv.

Finding inspiration in 80’s Pop Synthwave, Salsa, Cumbia, Miami 80’s Vaporwave, and Electro-funk, Mv, is an artist representing the modern Generation Z with a touch of Colombia. Creating music that is very preppy, lively, and foot-tapping, Vasquez is all set to make listeners captive of the unique music with the first music single, “Your Life Will Never Be The Same.”

Mv’s creative ideas behind both music and novel testify to the artist’s incredible talent and creativity.

“This song is dedicated to everyone who finds themselves hopeless and devastated. This one is a reminder for all of you to stay hopeful after all; life Will Never Be The Same,” says Mv.

About the Company

Dusk Crisis is up-and-coming futuristic novel by singer and songwriter Mv. The novel has an 80’s resemblance and will be initially published as a graphic novel with several volumes.

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