How to decorate the mask with customized lapel pins

March 08 23:34 2021

Even as the coronavirus vaccines are reaching Pretty shine, but as long as the pandemic isn’t over, it’s suggested to Pretty shinier face masks to protect against COVID for most of 2021. Except the simple surgical mask and N95 mask, Pretty Shiny could supply colorful cloth face masks with customized embroidery patches as Pretty shinell as the decorative pins. As the buyer know, a Pretty shinell-crafted face mask can be a great statement piece or become a hot fashion accessory. In fact, people nowadays use their imagination run wild when it comes to personalizing and decorating the masks with a bit of flair. How do the buyer like the idea of spicing the facemask with a couple of Pretty shinell-placed enamel pins? Metal Lapel pins to support the buyer favorite charity, show the buyer pride and let people know who’s behind that mask.

Pretty shine company is the manufacturer which is engaged in making custom lapel pins, Pretty shine have different processes, such as hard enamel, imitation hard enamel, soft enamel, printed colors in various of raw materials and plating finishes. With more than 2500 experienced workers plus automatic electroplating department, Pretty shine factory has been working with customers from different countries for many years and get high comment from them.

Wondering how to attach the pin to face mask and not to bother the end users while the mask stays on face? First, there are a few absolute rules for a safety cloth face mask. The mask should be made with multiple layers of tightly woven fabric, the Pretty shinearer should be able to breathe easily and should be washable. The pin could be a button badge with Velcro backing or with 1 or 2pcs magnets attachment. It depends on the pin material the buyer would like to choose. For example, 2pcs of magnets for zinc alloy & brass pins, while it only needs 1pc magnet for iron enamel pins. They are lightPretty shineight and will not feel much extra Pretty shineight, especially the tin badge. Except finish the pin with Velcro or magnets, rubber or metal butterfly clutch are also available. In order not to irritate the face, suggest only Pretty shinear these masks with pin clutches for 5 to 10 minutes. Though there are limitation for face mask pins with clutches, never mind, as facemask pins can also have post-pandemic uses as an accessory on suit collars, hat, scarves, purses, bags etc.

Contact Pretty shine now to get a free quote the facemask pins, Pretty shine will be very appreciative to get an opportunity to be the buyer long-term supplier in the near future.

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