5 Types Of Air Conditioning Compressors

March 08 23:44 2021

Here is an air conditioning compressor inside each air conditioning unit. The compressor plays a very important role when the refrigerant enters the machine to increase its temperature. After heating, the gas leaves the compressor and enters the condenser, so the cooling process can begin. Although all AC compressors work the same, they work differently, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Reciprocating air conditioning compressor

Reciprocating compressors are the most popular AC compressors. The piston compresses air by moving up and down in the cylinder. When the piston moves down, it creates a vacuum effect and sucks in refrigerant. As the gas moves upward, the gas compresses and enters the condenser. The reciprocating air conditioner compressor is very efficient because the AC unit can have up to eight cylinders in the compressor.

Scroll AC compressor

Scroll air-conditioning compressors (such as LG compressors) are relatively new. They contain a fixed coil (called a scroll) in the center of the device, and then there is another coil that revolves around it. During this process, the second vortex pushes the refrigerant toward the center and compresses it. Scroll compressors are more reliable because they do not have so many moving parts, so they are rapidly becoming the mainstream of reciprocating compressors.

Screw AC compressor

Screw compressors are extremely reliable and efficient, but they are mainly used in large buildings where large amounts of air require continuous cooling. The screw air conditioner compressor contains two large spiral rotors that move air from one end to the other. When the refrigerant flows through the compressor, the space becomes smaller and compressed.

Rotary air conditioning compressor

Rotary compressors are small and quiet, so they are very popular where noise needs to be considered. This AC compressor is equipped with a shaft inside and a plurality of blades are installed on the shaft. The vane shaft rotates in the measuring cylinder, thereby pushing the refrigerant through the cylinder and simultaneously compressing it.

Centrifugal air conditioner compressor

The final type of AC compressor is a centrifugal compressor. As the name suggests, it uses centrifugal force to suck in refrigerant gas, and then uses an impeller to spin quickly to compress it. Centrifugal air-conditioning compressors are usually used in very large HVAC systems.


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