What are the advantages of mobile phone tempered film?

March 09 00:32 2021

Now almost everyone has at least one smartphone. It can be said that smart phones are very common. Since there are mobile phones, the tempered film of mobile phones is also essential. We all know that the mobile phone tempered film is used to protect the mobile phone screen, but with the development of technology, its functions are becoming more and more powerful. So today I will introduce to the buyer what are the advantages of the mobile phone tempered film, how to stick the mobile phone tempered film, Kairui hope the buyer can have a deeper understanding of the mobile phone tempered film after reading.

1. What are the advantages of mobile phone tempered film

Mobile phone tempered film has super scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, explosion-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, automatic bubble discharge, anti-bubble, anti-bacterial, anti-glare, anti-radiation, high-sensitivity touch, clear picture, highlight three-dimensional feeling, and improve visual effect , Long-term use of the eyes is not easy to fatigue, the advantages of better protection of eyesight. Easy to use, no bubbles. The light transmittance of the picture is as high as 98%. It can prevent the harm of electronic waves to the human body. Does not affect the use of mobile phone cases and other mobile phone accessories. The toughened glass protective film launched in the United States in 2012, a high-tech protective film designed specifically to protect the screen, is currently a high-end new product that strengthens the protection of the screen. The thickness of this protective layer is only 0.15 mm, which can completely cover the original screen surface, prevent damage from external forces, scratches, and increase impact absorption, but it is easy to break. Will not affect the video effect of the screen. It is made of tempered glass material, which can effectively reduce the impact force under strong impact, and effectively prevent the screen from cracking. The special tempered treatment prevents the glass protective film from being impacted and ruptured, causing glass fragments to damage the human body. , It is safer to use. However, since it is made of glass after all, in use, try not to drop it.

2. How to stick the phone’s tempered film

First find a large enough packaging paper shell, the buyer can replace it with the one shipped to the buyer, but the cardboard must be 3 times larger than the flat plate, and then pour one side of the paper shell with a faucet or spray it with a water jet. Spray the surface of the buyer workbench at home. The advantage of this is that the buyer worktop and paper shell are semi-wet, with small hairs. When the dust is wiped with a soft cloth, the dust will stick to the wet worktop or cardboard. Up! Place the tablet on the wet-sprayed cardboard, and first align the blank frame of the film, and then use scotch tape to stick the side of the film under the HOME button with scotch tape on the cover, and then wipe with the included soft cloth Clean the screen, and then glue it over the screen with the attached mucosa! At this time, tear off the No. 1 sticker side of the film. If there is dust on the screen, stick it twice with the mucous film, and then directly stick it up from the bottom! Because it is fixed by transparent glue, the vacancy will not be lost. After attaching the film, note that the film is actually 2 layers on the screen. By the way, there is also the No. 2 preparation film that can be torn off. At this time, do not tear the No. 2 preparation film. Use it directly, and wait for the No. 2 preparation film. After using it for 3-5 months, Kairui tore the No. 2 film directly, and the real film underneath is fine. A new film was born again. It should be noted here that the tempered film should not be used in this way. The tempered film decisively tear off 2 layers and use it directly. The tempered film Kairui bought is blue. In fact, the 2 film plastic is blue, and the tear 2 film is transparent tempered glass. The film, Kairui was depressed and broken at first, thinking that Kairui bought a blue film for a fee, but Kairui put it on it, and it really can be described as a surprise!

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