Joy Chapman Breaks Guinness World Record For Female Lowest Note

April 07 13:18 2021
Joy Chapman Breaks Guinness World Record For Female Lowest Note
Joy Chapman’s Latest Releases Launches New Genre, Retro-Modern Country Music

Joy Chapman has broken the Guiness World Record for lowest note by a female, just officially announced and confirmed by Guinness.  Joy smashed the previous record of 57.9 Hz A#1 to her current record of 33.57 Hz C 1.  She plans to break her own record, as normally she goes way beyond to being recorded at E0 20 Hertz, as well as recording a high of C10. The singer-songwriter’s wide vocal range was developed in grade school. Her love for writing and doing poetry became a source of inspiration that pushed her towards a music career. Joy has been making great strides in the industry with her velvety-textured low voice combined with old and modern country tunes.

‘Footprint In My Songs’ is the upcoming album release that the artist is currently working on. Joy has already released album tracks and music videos from “Footprint In My Songs” to give listeners a sneak peek into what the album entails. The songs showcase the artist’s humorous and introspective side, taking listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Joy’s ability to morph her voice into iconic singers has allowed the artist to stand out in the mainstream crowd of singers. She has been known for her entertaining and charismatic performances as a tribute artist for Patsy Cline, Shania Twain, and Cher, among others. Her performances show off her vocal range, covering everything from high soprano to alto, tenor, and even bass.

Joy hopes, with her music, to create her own retro-modern country genre as a new take on old school country music. This unique blend of different music styles allows Joy to reach a diverse range of audiences.

Check out Joy Chapman and her music, available for streaming, download, and purchase. Listeners can also follow the artist on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest releases. To contact her for reviews, interviews, and collaborations, use the information given below.


Joy Chapman is the new Guinness World Record holder for Lowest Female Vocal Note. A singer-songwriter hailing from Surrey, British Columbia, Joy showed an aptitude for songwriting and singing as she grew up listening to her mother’s work as a music teacher. Apart from her songwriting skills, the artist has also caught the attention of listeners with her deep low voice, often likened to that of Anne Murray or Toni Braxton. Her musical talent has gotten her opportunities like touring with Legends International  2014 – 2020, her own Diva Tribute show, and mainstage PNE.


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