New Artist D.bé Jayri Releases Song, “Freedom Song”

April 07 13:30 2021
New Artist D.bé Jayri Releases Song, "Freedom Song"
2020 single release on black empowerment relaunched

Purposeful and passionate artist D.bé Jayri dropped his latest single in 2020, called “Freedom Song.” This track, backed with an exciting story, is bound to make readers look forward to it. The song’s initial production took back in 2019 when his tour guide Sayed Baghdady shot some parts of the music video in Egypt. However, when it came to songwriting, the artist has had quite the journey. Wanting to do justice to the lyrics, Jayri took a year to compose the lyrics. In the meantime, the artist also experienced a spiritual awakening and growth, which also contributed to the song. Honestly expressing his thoughts, the original version of the single is over seventeen minutes long. However, there is also a five-minute-long radio version of the song. This version is also used in the music video.

Having been initially released last year during the pandemic, “Freedom Song” was unable to receive much traction as the world went through unprecedented circumstances. The artist has resumed his efforts anew this year and wishes to promote this new single. The lyrical content of “Freedom Song” is based on hope and self-reflection for the people of African descent. Specifically discussing their historical oppression, Jayri wants them to open their eyes and work towards freeing themselves from mental hindrances. The artist wants all people of African descent to embrace their true potential and achieve success.

The executive producer for this song’s instrumental arrangements is Jayri, while the co-producers are Ainsley McNaught, also the pianist, and K.R. Moore, also the studio engineer. Background vocals were done by LeiLa Dey, Shanty Sweets, and Ainsley. S.C.A.P.E G.O.A.T productions were responsible for shooting the rest of the music video and incorporated the older shots from Egypt in it too. This single is part of the album ‘Glorious, Beautiful, and Black.’

Jayri’s musical career started in 2014 as a fourteen-year-old boy when he decided to pursue music. After receiving music education, he finally decided to enter the industry in 2016, when he released his first EP album, “Soul Glimpse.”

The artist’s latest single is not just about black empowerment; it is also a story of the artist’s passion and struggle. For example, he shot some parts of the video in -20 degree temperature, but his determination to raise his voice kept him going.

For more information on D.bé Jayri, please visit his website. The artist is open to reviews, TV/radio interviews and wishes to spread his message as far as possible.


D.bé Jayri is a versatile musician who incorporates various techniques to make inspirational music. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, D.bé Jayri’s journey started with singing at the Church at eight. Currently, he sings in the genres Gospel, R&B, Soul, Pop, and Classical.


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