Author James Thurston launches The GRAB Method, a book to help anyone prioritize and take back control in any situation

April 19 21:21 2021

After a prolific career in high-stress fields like healthcare, author James Thurston has released his roadmap to living with purpose, The GRAB Method: 4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life. Thurston developed the GRAB method as a simple way of staying grounded that can be used anywhere in real time.

The GRAB Method outlines four key steps that practitioners can apply whenever they feel overwhelmed or knocked off track. Unlike a lengthy seminar or a complicated program, Thurston’s strategy to stay focused can be used instantly to realign priorities and take back control. The GRAB Method teaches readers to assess their values, commit to wellness, and respect their own time.

While writing The GRAB Method, Thurston drew upon his own experiences as a police officer and RN. Unlike other motivational strategies, Thurston emphasizes the importance of acting as a force for change through positivity and leadership. The GRAB Method can also improve employee engagement by motivating teams and decreasing stress.

Although the GRAB method was originally developed for busy professionals in fast-paced environments, its universal key ideas can apply to any situation to help readers get their lives back on track. Instead of promoting a rigid system, Thurston urges the audience to tailor the GRAB method based on their personal goals, writing, “It’s time to GRAB your life back! No more waiting until the right time; life is too short.”

The GRAB Method was well-received upon release with reviewers praising Thurston’s ability to motivate them through concise, simple language. Rather than presenting motivation and personal fulfillment in the abstract, Thurston’s guide includes action steps that show how to integrate concepts from The GRAB Method into daily life.

James Thurston is a licensed RN, author, and former police officer. The GRAB Method: 4 Steps to Motivation to Change Your Life is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. To find Thurston online, go He developed the GRAB method, a principle-centered approach to motivation and a positive work environment. Thurston currently lives and writes in southwest Florida with his wife, their two children, two dogs, and two birds.

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