Watercure USA Says Water Filtration is Key Component in Today’s World

April 20 01:51 2021
Toxins and waste flushed into water supplies can only be remedied with proper filtration.

Watercure USA says that most people don’t know the truth about what happens when they flush their toilets. In some areas, such as along the Great Lakes, raw waste water and sewage go straight into Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes, a drinking water source for Buffalo and other cities along the water there. Raw waste water contains everything from sewage to pharmaceuticals, and while the water receives treatment and filtration, it’s only done to the best of the ability of operators of such facilities.

According to Watercure USA, those operators do their best job, but the truth of the matter is that the infrastructure wasn’t meant to handle the sheer volume of pollution and pharmaceuticals seen today.

“You can use a filter,” said a spokesperson for the team at Watercure USA, “or you can be a filter.”

This is a staggering reality but a reality nonetheless, and the only realistic solution to the problem rests in proper home water filtration. The WQA (Water Quality Association) calls home water filtration the final barrier.

Watercure USA believes this to be true, also. Founder Lance Orton, a former Merchant Marine and naval captain, is a speaker and mentor in areas such as water chemistry, contamination, and purification. His company offers free water testing, water filtration systems, repairs, and maintenance. Watercure USA doesn’t offer just one solution; instead, they offer a plethora of options to suit a variety of needs. For example, their team offers reverse osmosis systems, water softener systems, iron filtration, distillation, limescale solutions, and more.

Since 1986, Watercure USA’s team has proudly served a long list of satisfied clients in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and the Finger Lakes Area, including the provision of water treatment and filtration systems for the American Cancer Society of Western New York and BlueCross BlueShield.

“The people at Watercure are the best,” said a recent customer. “They are very personable and friendly. We have had the service for over 6 years and just love the soft water and filtered drinking water.”

In light of an overburdened and toxic water system, Watercure USA joins the countless other industry experts who are encouraging people to utilize in-home water filtration to promote the integrity of the water they ingest. Anyone in the Buffalo area wishing to receive a free water test kit or evaluation can contact Watercure USA to request such. More information can be found at https://watercureusa.com/.

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Watercure USA is a comprehensive water purification company offering water filtration systems, repair, and maintenance.

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