Nitro Tapp Releases Nitro Coffee Calorie Savings Calculator

April 20 01:57 2021
A popular home nitro coffee maker company released a Nitro Coffee Calorie Savings Calculator to show the health benefits of switching to nitro coffee.

Nitro Tapp, a Denver, Colorado based home nitro coffee maker company has released a Nitro Coffee Calorie Savings Calculator. The digital calculator estimates the sugar & calorie savings from switching to nitro coffee. Nitro cold brew coffee is a top trend in coffee because of its unique taste, smoothness & lowered acidity with no sugar, milk, sweetener or added-calories.

Included in this new interactive tool is a breakdown of different types of coffee drinks that have been analyzed for sugars & calorie counts per cup of coffee with creamer added. An estimate of potential weight loss by removing calories & sugar from coffee based on your daily intake is included as well. You can use the interactive calculator here:

Nitro Tapp hopes to shed some light on the unhealthy effects that our everyday coffee additives can have on us. Coffee is a daily essential for many adults. The problem is that black coffee is very bitter & most people can’t drink it without an additive.

Adding nitrogen to beverages is not new concept. Guinness beer was the company that popularized the concept of adding nitro to their beer. The unique flavor & memorable pour of a draft Guinness has a cascading effect & has been crowd favorite at pubs for decades.

This trend has arrived in the coffee industry. Starbucks has been offering nitro cold brew on tap for years & is one of their most popular drinks. Besides the unique & delicious flavor or nitro coffee, people also like the health benefits & drinking coffee without sugar or calories. Many local coffee shops have followed suit & added nitrogen coffee on tap to capitalize on this growing trend.

Nitro coffee is rising in popularity however it does come at a cost. Nitro coffee drinks often cost $5+ per cup. Creating a home nitro coffee system costs thousands of dollars & is quite bulky.

Nitro Tapp saw these glaring flaws in nitro coffee & created their affordable home nitro coffee maker that is small enough to fit in a standard fridge. You can shop Nitro Tapp here:

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