Utalan, a Premier Booking Platform Enabling Success for Creators

April 20 02:06 2021
Utalan, a Premier Booking Platform Enabling Success for Creators

With the rise of online-based platforms, a world of opportunities has opened up for go-getters worldwide. In particular, securing financial stability is now possible to achieve through digital means and more and more people are maneuvering away from traditional methods of earning an income to take advantage of the plethora of sites that can be capitalized on to make a living. However, not everyone has the capacity to materialize their financial dreams into reality, especially if they do not have the tools to do so. On a mission to empower creators with what they need to monetize their craft and talents, Utalan, Inc. has emerged as a go-to resource of today’s models, influencers, musicians, and more. 

Spearheaded by Yves Bagaza, Manan Zakari, and Casey Millet, Utalan allows professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and artists to no longer rely on word-of-mouth to attract potential customers, reach out to service providers, or impact their target audiences. As a premier booking platform, it enables users to connect and work with well-established authorities in the creative field. Currently available on both iOs and Android app stores, as well as through its website, this free-to-use platform has risen as the trusted avenue where public figures, dancers, photographers, videographers, music artists, and other personalities can book and find creators to team up with on any project. 

At the core of Utalan is the vision to create a marketplace featuring global talents. It is determined to establish a space where it could prove easy, simple, and safe to book and work with different creators according to one’s budget, demand, and brand. Additionally, it is dedicated to enabling self-starters who do not have ample resources to take the steps necessary in establishing their names in their respective industries. 

Boasting three signature features, Utalan has succeeded in bridging pretty significant gaps in the market. Through its profile feature, any creator can sign up and display not only their social media accounts, pictures and videos, but also the services they are offerings as well as the corresponding price for each offering. Casting directors can also join in on the fun under the job/casting feature, which will give them the opportunity to put up a casting call or a job post. Creators who then match the casting director’s descriptive details will receive notifications urging them to apply for a specific casting. Lastly, through the tour feature, which is designed for artists and other public figures who tour different cities, towns, and countries, anyone can post tour dates, locations, and prices. This makes it easy for promoters and businesses to book their creator of choice and invite them to come, perform, host, collaborate, and more. 

With its commitment to providing a way for talented individuals to monetize their craft without depending on middle people, Utalan is proving to be an indispensable platform. Given its strategically designed features and all-out attitude toward leading the booking industry, it would be no surprise if it manages to secure a spot at the forefront. 

Learn more about Utalan by visiting its website and Instagram account.

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