Carfax Reports Are Important to Have When Selling Used Cars

April 22 01:54 2021
Carfax Reports Are Important to Have When Selling Used Cars

When customers buy pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs from a used auto dealership, they want to be able to shop with complete confidence. Each vehicle sold is subject to a rigorous multi-point inspection before it gets a seal of approval. Among those points is a detailed review of the vehicle’s Carfax report. Here is why these reports are so important.

Why Companies Use Carfax and Why it’s Reliable

Carfax reports can be obtained for all used cars and light trucks built during or after 1981, which means having access to a vehicle’s full history before an inspection begins. Using the VIN (vehicle identification number), customers can also access these reports, allowing them to see the origins of even the smallest flaws. When buying a used car from Bluff Road Auto Sales, customers know just what they’re getting into. Carfax reports make it easy to buy pre-owned vehicles with a higher level of confidence.

What’s On a Carfax Report?

At companies like Bluff Road, they claim to sell only the highest quality pre-owned SUVs, cars, and trucks. Before getting into a multi-point inspection, they take time to review each vehicle’s history as shown on its Carfax report. That’s why these reports aren’t just beneficial, but necessary for anyone considering buying a used vehicle. From the odometer reading to previous ownership, a Carfax report will provide:

  • Title information

  • The vehicle’s history of flood damage, total loss accidents, and more

  • Information on recalls, airbag deployments, and accident indicators

  • Usage history

  • The results of state emissions inspections

Reading the Carfax report helps the team decide if a car, truck, or SUV is dependable enough to get through the inspection process. If the information in the report is not so good, they will not sell the vehicle.

Why Carfax Reports are So Valuable

Every vehicle is subject to ordinary wear and tear during its time on the road. Most drivers, at some point, will experience a minor accident or two. However, that doesn’t mean buyers shouldn’t expect reliable, top-quality vehicles when they buy pre-owned. Why is it so important to know how many owners a car has had? It’s believed that a single owner is more likely to maintain and repair a vehicle consistently, so the more times a car changes hands, the more cause for concern there is.

With recall histories and the other information contained in Carfax reports, customers can be assured that all issues have been resolved before moving forward with a sale. While all pre-owned vehicles lose some of their value, that doesn’t mean customers have to settle for less. 

A Search Should Begin With a Carfax Report

At, they include a Carfax report with each used vehicle sold. They trust these reports to provide complete information, and believe customers can trust them as well. Know what to expect before signing on the dotted line and see just how much possible damage and previous use a vehicle has endured. Contact them by phone or online at to request more information.

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