Musician and Fund Manager Alix Bresler Out to Make a Safe Space for People of All Backgrounds

April 29 03:18 2021
Musician and Fund Manager Alix Bresler Out to Make a Safe Space for People of All Backgrounds

Racism and sexism have risen to alarming levels in all of society’s sectors. Someone who understands this tragedy more than most is Alix Bresler, an artist, financial manager, and entrepreneur who has her foot in many industries and noticed that harassment and racial profiling remain rampant across the board. Determined to do something about it, she has launched a business and initiative that hopes to provide a safe space that rejects all forms of discrimination against people from various ethnicities and genders.

Alix, or also known by her stage name AlixB, is a fund manager and company CEO who also moonlights as a DJ by night. She is the founder and CEO of Orca Oshi Capital Management. The company aims to secure the financial future of people from all backgrounds and innovate the way people expand their financial portfolios and grow their financial assets. Orca Oshi Capital dives into the future by implementing blockchain technology, digital asset management, and the best of computer engineering and learning to bring her clients an efficient and secure way to invest. 

Alix’s company is what she calls “an emerging market” that brings together innovation and inclusion under one roof. Apart from embracing the latest technologies in finance tech, Orca Oshi also welcomes all people. As a Jewish woman in the DJing world, Alix is no stranger to harassment, catcalling, and all forms of inexcusable behavior. Driven by her passion for fighting against such conduct, she has dedicated her company and life’s work to create an empire that will denounce all forms of discrimination. 

Alix Bresler has recently announced a partnership with NBA veteran and retiree Ronnie Brewer Jr. who has joined her initiative to create a successful fund and a non-toxic culture for women and people of other ethnicities to increase their market value. 

“With my experience in uniting people with music, I discovered an interest in uniting all in finance and digital innovation,” shares Alix on what has prompted her to go this route. “Orca Oshi Capital exists to provide services ‘for the people and by the people,’ regardless of race, religion, color, creed and sexual orientation. Through this mantra, we hope to create a  paradigm shift in people’s minds. Alix also hopes that her presence in the fund management world would break people’s mindsets on how investment specialists should look like. In the past, people have shunned and canceled her because she doesn’t follow the “prim and proper” image of most formal investors. But she’s out to prove that anyone can be as good as or even better than the traditional manager despite looking different.

Orca Oshi recently joined the Dubai Crypto Valley, one milestone that brings the company and its clients one step closer into the future. As an ethnic and gender-diverse organization, Orca Oshi Capital aspires to set an example for companies in the finance sector and beyond to never judge a book by its cover. 

Together with Ronnie Brewer, DJ Alix B continues to expand her network and has recently connected with many high-net-worth individuals in the nation. Alix hopes to inspire more women to step up and fight against the injustices that people face regularly.

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