Luchafest Launches Campaign To Create New Mobile Wrestling Game And Community Platform

April 29 03:54 2021
LuchaFest LLC, known for their local pro wrestling events, is fundraising to create a new social mobile gaming app as a charitable community project.

LuchaFest LLC has recently announced their campaign to create Lucha Link-Up, a worldwide multiplayer game that allows users to challenge and connect with millions of other players. The app will include its own in-game rewards system, and will never charge for upgrades, allowing players to start off on a level playing field. They will also offer rewards and cash prizes for performance and tournaments within the game. The game will ask users to create their own custom-made character and will employ cybersecurity experts to protect user data and create a safe and fun environment.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the team at LuchaFest noticed a “second pandemic,” a spread of emotional suffering and loneliness among their community due to the lockdowns. As their normal local pro-wrestling events were put on hold, they turned to think about ways to combat this issue. Lucha Link-Up is a solution that will not only connect a community no matter their circumstances but will expand LuchaFest’s network worldwide through the power of the digital world.

“We are looking forward to sharing the joy of wrestling with a whole new community of people and connecting with wrestling fans in this new way,” said Michael Barbosa, LuchaFest’s Administrative director. “This app will improve lives by allowing users to channel their energy through the wrestling simulator, spark their creativity through their character, and access a new social world through the global community.”

Lucha Link-Up will be partially funded through the company’s own contribution, but they are also seeking support through their GoFundMe page. As a community project, LuchaFest LLC emphasizes that this game will always be 100% free to play. They share their goals and features for the game, and their transparency at

About LuchaFest

LuchaFest is a sports entertainment company based in the Boston area. Their main focus is on Lucha Libre, a local pro wrestling show that presents performance art rooted in Mexican culture.

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