Good Vibrations, Fivestar Health Provide Post Covid-19 Home Health Care

April 29 16:40 2021

The shake-up in medical appointments will be a post-pandemic milestone. Across the world, healthcare responded not just to the Covid-19 global pandemic but to maintaining service levels in local communities by moving, where possible, to online appointments. Even before the COVID crisis, General Practitioners had already begun to embrace telephone appointments to ease the burden of face to face practise appointments.  

Therefore, the idea of telemedicine is no longer a barrier to the diagnosis of diseases and prescription of medications. Online appointments allow remote access to a healthcare practitioner, and the convenience of such appointments have been a success.

Now imagine the online appointment being interactive telemedicine, a means to make a complete diagnosis at the touch of a button with a non-invasive smart healthcare system in the comfort of your own home. 

New Zealand-based Fivestar Health offers health-conscious people an advanced medical technology that can perform health screening, medical examinations, and restorative treatment.

The Five Star Health System is designed around Sensitiv Audit, a grade A, ISO, and FDA certified medical technology that allows Fivestar Health customers to connect to medical and healthcare professionals who analyse data from the device, manage patients, and provide medical consultations and specialist recommendations. 

The technology is nothing new. It exploits the best in electromagnetic technology and is born out of the need for astronauts to have self-diagnostic technology when they went into space. The system is built on the research that created the MRI scan and developed an understanding of the brain, how the brain used electromagnetic frequency to communicate with the human body’s cells.

What is new is that the future of medical diagnostic home appointments has arrived. The option of diagnosis sat in the comfort of your own home has truly begun. The beauty of the Sensitiv Audit machine and having access to a Fivestar Health care professional from home gives you more control to deal with your health care needs. This home technology can translate what you are experiencing as a niggle into a specific diagnosis. Fivestar Health customers are passionate about healthcare and want access to doctors and healthcare practitioners to assess a range of options for treatment, from skin irritations to identifying the onset of more severe illnesses and managing already diagnosed diseases. 

Lead clinician and Fivestar Health patient coordinator Dr Machi Mannu explains, “Our clients want the convenience of our service and the comfort of a home medical appointment. Purchasing our Sensitiv Audit technology provides them with advanced home healthcare options, flexible telemedicine appointments giving them access to doctors with skills in a variety of schools of medicine. Our clients have access to an online account where they can see their reports from their scans, order services and communicate with our healthcare providers.”

Notes to Editors

The price of The Sensitive Audit and Fivestar Health system is on request only. Customers are based in Ireland, the USA, UK and New Zealand.

Case Studies are available where patient consent has been granted.

Fivestar Health Ltd is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, at 7A Scarff Place, Cashmere, 8022, Christchurch.


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