LAVA STREETWEAR – A Cultural Impact Brand By Lava Bentley That Inspires Everyone To Dream Big

June 17 16:54 2021

LAVA STREETWEAR is making a big noise with its ability to connect with customers to a deeper level. The clothes mean something. The clothes stand for perseverance and determination, doing what someone loves and always being 100% true to oneself, inspiring everyone to live out their passions and dreams no matter what society may think. And no matter what your situation is today your life can change tomorrow.

The brand started with Lava Bentley’s relentless determination to be successful financially. While pursuing this dream, he landed in prison for 3 years when he was 19 years old. After getting out he got one of the best jobs in his small town, and also helped his friends to get jobs his first signs of being a natural leader, then finished 3 years of probation and moved to California to pursue his dreams of being a entertainer.

Lava Bentley Blake has been described as an “innovative trailblazer” his relentless obsession for succession has now earned him a streetwear brand that celebrities wear. This story of failure to succeed inspires and motivates a lot of people because most people with 20 felonies from Bedford, Virginia wouldn’t dream of moving to Los Angeles to actualize their dreams. This shows Blake’s vision and Belief in himself to persevere from major setbacks. This is also why Blake’s listeners believe every word out of blakes mouth because they know he can relate to them . they see him make it they feel they have a chance.

Lava Bentley doesn’t just sell clothes, he gets emotionally connected to his community and he has built a cult following called Lava Nation. Lava Bentley Blake Described as “the next big star,” the singer-songwriter is gradually carving a niche for his charismatic personality, entrepreneurial mindset, and visionary creative design talents, making him a walking gold mine for anybody seeking talent in Music, Fashion.

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