Delmos Irving is Back with a New Book, “The Collagen Diet Revolution”, Revealing an Authentic Fountain of Youth

June 17 17:00 2021
Delmos Irving is Back with a New Book, "The Collagen Diet Revolution", Revealing an Authentic Fountain of Youth

Delmos Irving’s latest book, “The Collagen Diet Revolution”, is a deep dive into health rejuvenation and age-reversing through the science of collagen peptides. The book is designed to give a unique outlook on transitioning to a healthy lifestyle with the help of a few practical tips. A reliable source of information, “The Collagen Diet Revolution” breaks down the subject matter in laymen’s language.

Whether a veteran of a healthy lifestyle or you’ve decided to embark on a long-lasting journey, “The Collagen Diet Revolution” focuses on improving your quality of life, providing your body with a balanced nutrition that goes beyond eating the right foods and working out”, says a spokesperson for “The Collagen Diet Revolution”.

“The Collagen Diet Revolution” is an eye-opening revelation that highlights the plentiful benefits of dietary collagen. Dubbed as an authentic fountain of youth, collagen can strengthen the human fragile and ageing-prone metabolism. Delmos Irving demonstrates the vitality of collagen for the human body in a simple and easy to understand manner. The book underlines the basic functions of collagen and why this protein is important to keep the body intact.  

Containing 19 different amino acids, collagen peptides have a wide range of uses, from serving as building blocks for protein production, functioning as powerful antioxidants and helping the body protect itself against oxidative stress.” – an excerpt from the book, “The Collagen Diet Revolution”.

Bottom line, the reader will learn how collagen brings about gorgeous looking skin, nails, hair, and keeps the ageing processes under control, slowing down the deterioration of cells. “The Collagen Diet Revolution” is an exceptional and dependable source of data on what exactly is collagen is. The reader will find answers to questions like, ‘what are the natural sources of collagen from foods?’, ‘how can collagen help with weight management?’, and ‘how collagen can improve muscle tone, skin, nails and hair?’

This book is awesome. I am someone who reads a lot about diet, supplements, and staying healthy. I have been taking collagen daily for about two years. I especially liked the stories about different people and their quests to improve health. The book is easy to understand and gives you a wealth of knowledge about collagen. If you want to learn about collagen in an interesting way, this book is for you”, says an impressed reader.

Richard Delmos Irving is a US-based author and subject expert. His field of expertise lies in lifestyle and financial coaching.

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