Wholely Grill Cooking Equipment Launches E-Commerce Store

June 17 23:07 2021
This family-owned business creates products that will redefine the home cooking and backyard barbecue experience.

There is nothing like home-cooked meals and backyard barbecues during get-togethers with family and friends. Family heirloom dishes are made from the freshest ingredients, cooked with love by home chefs and grill masters, shared with the people who matter the most. Ordinary weekends become extraordinary whenever spent with loved ones who share life stories over quality meals and barbecues.

To make simple home gatherings and backyard barbecue parties easier to do and even more special, Wholely Grill now offers its cooking equipment exclusively on Amazon. Wholely Grill is a family-owned home-based business that offers a variety of cooking tools that promises to make cooking and grilling easier and more convenient for home chefs and grill masters.

Wholely Grill firmly believes that home cooking offers the most wholesome and nutritious value to family and friends. That is why the brand made it its mission to redefine home cooking and a backyard barbecue. This brand gives these cooking methods a whole new experience by creating products that will help ease the burden of cooking, cleaning, and serving during get-togethers at home. “Create the Holy Grail of cooking experience right at your own home with our clever products,” said Wholely Grill’s representative.

To share this Holy Grail of cooking experience with other households, Wholely Grill recently launched its 48-inch fire pit mat, its first product exclusively available on Amazon, which comes in handy during barbecue parties.

The Wholely Grill fire pit mat is made from European-standard material called EN13501, a high-heat-resistant material that can protect the barbecue area from hot embers that may scatter in the flooring. Its 48-inch diameter makes it ideal for bonfires, propane stoves, smokers, charcoal grills, and chiminea. It has a four feet catchment area that allows it to be used as an all-rounder rug under the barbecue grill to catch messy drips and protect the patio, deck, or lawn area from stains.

Wholely Grill aims to make home cooking and backyard grilling fun by providing more convenience for home chefs and grill masters through its products. The Wholely Grill fire pit mat is durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and portable. The mat is coated with non-toxic and food-grade silicone that makes it safe for kids and pets and easy to clean. It is reversible, and specially designed for tiles, wood, and composite decks, so it can be used for an indoor fireplace as well. It also comes with a drawstring backpack for easy storage or packing to bring to outdoor camping.

The Wholely Grill fire pit is a result of the brand’s more than five decades of cooking and grilling experience. This expertise is instrumental in coming up with other innovative cooking and grilling tools and accessories. Currently, Wholely Grill is working on other products that will help take home-cooked meals and backyard barbecue parties to the next level.

To know more about Wholely Grill and its other exciting products, visit https://www.wholelygrill.com. Customers can also buy one today via https://amzn.to/3ztTJCM.

About Wholely Grill

Wholely Grill is a family-owned home-based business in Texas. It offers a variety of cooking tools that will make home cooking and grilling easier and more convenient for home chefs and grill masters. With over five decades of home cooking and grilling experience, Wholely Grill is on a mission to bring a new and more exciting experience to the good old home-cooked meals.

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