Chirocare Centre Shows How Chiropractic Treatment Compliments Massage West Edmonton Therapy

June 28 20:39 2021
Chirocare Centre, an Edmonton-based chiropractic clinic provides a range of massage therapy options for patients throughout the Edmonton area. For well over a century, chiropractic and massage techniques have been offered together to provide pain relief to patients.

Chirocare Centre and Dr. Brian Yee is pleased to announce that their massage West Edmonton practice has expanded the types of methods and techniques available to patients. Massage therapy partners well with chiropractic treatment to achieve improved wellbeing. A chiropractor has the training and skills to perform adjustments on the spinal vertebrae, while a massage therapist helps to relieve the tension in the muscles around the spine. Tension in the muscles is a natural reaction to a vertebra out of alignment. 

When the bone is in an incorrect position, the body’s muscles tense up or lock up to prevent further damage to the spinal column. To obtain the best possible results from a chiropractic adjustment, chiropractors often recommend a massage Edmonton session combined with chiropractic care. By warming up the muscles around the spot that needs adjustment, the treatment becomes more effective. 

At Chirocare Centre, the chiropractor provides his diagnosis directly to the massage therapist. This practice ensures the best possible patient care with improved continuity. The two types of care: chiropractic and massage, help return the patient to optimum health and mobility quickly.

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Several forms of massage therapy are provided at Chirocare. These include deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage, and relaxation massage. Other therapies included in the massage practice include trigger point therapy, hot stone therapy, myofascial release and prenatal massage. The massage therapists at Chirocare Centre also provide lymphatic drainage therapy and acupressure for patients.

The Edmonton-based Health Centre pairs massage services with chiropractic sessions in a single, convenient location and offers direct insurance billing. These two types of treatments complement each other and paired together offer the body itself to act as its best healer. The chiropractic and massage pairing supports the body in reducing inflammation and restoring alignment so that it is able to function properly.

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Chirocare Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic that offers massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments in a single location. The two disciplines work well together to relieve pain and restore health. Massage helps the muscles of the body to loosen up so that skeletal adjustments can be more effective.

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